Avril Lavigne Honored As Napanee Citizen Of The Year

KingstonThisWeek.com reports was selected as Citizen of the Year at presentations held Wednesday night held at the Selby Community Hall by the Napanee Chamber of Commerce at their annual awards dinner. Family friend Cliff Trott said he was honored to accept the Citizen of the Year award on behalf of Napanee rocker Lavigne. He read a short note from Avril which read: “Hey Napanee, thank you for giving me the opportunity to sing locally and begin preparing myself for what I am now going through. I appreciate receiving this special award. It means a lot to me coming from my hometown. Thanks for the honor.”

Auction Swells Samuel’s Fund

April 16, 2003 – Jacqueline Gunning is the proud owner of an -signed drum skin, thanks to her winning bid of £460 in our auction to raise money for five-year-old cancer sufferer Samuel Shekarchi. “It will be something collectable in a few years,” Gunning told This Is Hertfordshire. She also has the satisfaction of knowing that her money will go towards helping to find a cure for young Sam, who has a rare form of cancer of the adrenal glands. “Hopefully the treatment does work and the money can be raised to help his recovery,” said Jacqueline.

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