Avril Lavigne: I’m A Door Opener

When Mike Bell of the Calgary Sun suggested to that young performers such as Kelly Clarkson, and others have taken a page from the Avril playbook and owe a great deal to the anti-Britney movement she kicked off, the 20-year-old responded, “I agree. I think I helped open the doors for younger, female singer-songwriters or just female singers. I think there’s been situations where girls have been dressed almost identical to me in their videos and their songs kind of sounded like ‘Complicated’ and they do their little attitude thing. Well, they’re not me and they never will be me and when people do things that try and copy me everybody knows it anyway. It’s flattering but … I don’t really care.” Read more.

Covers Blink 182

July 26, 2005 – Avril has added a cover of blink-182’s classic hit ‘All The Small Things’ to her Bonez Tour setlist. She was previously covering Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ at her Canadian and European dates, but opted to drop that song for her US tour dates.

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10 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne: I’m A Door Opener

  1. Babar says:

    You rock Avril. And so true. I bet she was hinting at Kelly Clarkson, Ashlee Simpson and Michelle Branch.

  2. OriginalNicknameHere says:

    What a stuck up b*tch! She pretty much thinks she all that…get over yourself, Avril

  3. MUDD says:

    What a *****ing ignorant *****. Hello, have you ever heard of Alanis Morrisette or Janis Joplin or Sass Jordan or a TON of other women who rock. And lot of of them were actually the real deal not some totally fake “punk rock” sk8er girl who wears a lame tie and thinks she is the *****. What a moron…I really can’t stand this fake *****.

    I am not a huge fan of michelle branch, but she has been popular a lot longer than Avril the fake punk girl….I hardly think she is copying her.

  4. yelenerz says:

    Yet both Ashlee Simpson and Kelly Clarkson have been much more successful that Avril. And Kelly is a whole lot more talented. And Avril owes a lot to Britney because people were getting tired of 5 years of dance-pop blonde singer/dancers (not just Britney), and therefor they turned to Avril, but when something better came along (Kelly), Avril is forgotten.

  5. ssl291 says:

    you must be canadian to know sass Jordan. I don’t believe our friend in the south’, ‘knows her

  6. SpiceSquirrel says:

    The only door she’s ever opened is her backdoor to that dwarf from Sum 41.

  7. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    yes, yes, we all know you have an over inflated ego and minimal talent…. what’s your point?

    WOW……very good points and totally true!!’, ‘Avril is just as much a follower and puppet as Britney….just a different kind of puppet that follows different people!

    …and now she’s bitter about it and getting mouthy again!’, ‘I agree with you 100%!

    If they were copying her, they’d be sporting ties and bad attitudes….’, ‘but they’re talented girls with great personalities and an actual sense of style (they just don’t always use their sense….), so I really don’t see how ANY of them are copying her….. Well, Ashlee maybe, but not the others!!

    I agree with ya’ll….’, ‘she got more press for how bad her disses of other artists were than she did for her talent, so what doors did she really open? All she really did was shut the door on Britney, but she didn’t open any doors in my opinion!

  8. poplover83 says:

    that ***** talks like she wrote “complicated” all by herself…she owes her career to her producers just like the other popstars shes so quick to insult

  9. yelenerz says:

    If Avril opened doors than the many successful female solo artists that came before her must have…split the Red Sea!! She owes her success to good timing and solid (not good), “anti-pop” pop tunes, and not much else.

  10. nil says:

    blah blah I guess she doesn’t look in the mirror these days she became like others in hollywood (paris Lindsay nicole etc) her hair color her style n she uses chanel bag she changed n doesn’t admit it she sucks now

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