Avril Lavigne Is A Cheater

Contributed Anonymously:

has getting on ‘Total Request Live’ because her fans have been using and autovoter to get her on! An autovoter automatically votes for Avril over and over again, because it is programmed into their computers. So she has been on TRL due to cheating and false votes. Avril fans, how sad are you? You have to use a fake voting system to get her votes, because she has no talent and no fans left anymore. How sad.

I even looked on Avril Bandaids, and they are planning now to use the autovoter to have her be nominated/win an award at the VMA’s. What is the point of getting her to win something, when the PEOPLE never voted for her? It has nothing to do with her ‘talent’ or ‘fans’ it has to do with a MACHINE voting for her. Because no one else will.

So now we all know, they only reason why Avril is on TRL is because her fans cheat. Avril has no fans left so they need to use a machine to get her on. Next time people try and say how Avril is talented, just look at what you guys are doing to get her on TRL. This is proving what little talent, what little fans she has. And how dumb and immature her fans are. Guess Avril needs all the help she can get. Even people who bought her album complained about how much it sucked. So I guess she NEEDS an autovoter to get her places! lol. And NOBODY can deny that, because if that wasn’t the case you wouldn’t have to use one. But you are. Pathetic.

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5 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Is A Cheater

  1. Tori-lee says:

    Hey, I am one of Avril’s biggest fans, I like Avril just the way she is I don’t need a machine to prove that!

  2. lovely says:

    You moron dare to wrote that?
    Is that your concern? Or you are just jealous of how talented she is.. You are an ignorant person who has nothing to do with your goddamn life that’s why you are intruding Avril’s life.
    she have been composing her songs that would be loved by people. She don’t need a machine to vote for her.
    You are the pathetic one. Digging someone’s dirt when you have your own.
    Try to look at yourself first.and do you have any proof? Proving that she really cheated?
    You can’t deny the fact that she’s talented and that she have so many fans that you could lost count!!!!

  3. #1 FaN says:

    Avril Lavigne is a very talented singer/song writer, she has tons of fans and I am one of them, she writes all her songs about life and what she’s gone through which makes them mean that much more…
    So don’t be talking sh** when you don’t have any proof of her being a cheater, I completely agree with Lovely, you ARE pathetic. Just because you have no such talent you have to take it out and spread lies.
    Here’s a tip…. STFU

  4. jess says:

    LOVE THIS avril is just another little pop star wrapped up in punk loookin wrapping paper such crap

  5. Mari says:

    WTF !! if she had no fans, she won’t be popular anymore! She started in 2002 and now we are in 2012 and she is STILL MY ‘ ROLE MODEL! And you said «how dumb and immature her fans are» !! Sorry but…look at you! I mean you ARE pathetic! and you are just jealous of how talented she is…
    and if we doesn’t like her… why there’s more than 1 million people who watched her video ‘What The Hell’ ?
    so delete this sh** and go get a life!!
    P.-S.: I like Avril just the way she is I don’t need a machine to prove that!

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