Avril Lavigne Is All Grown Up

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Last night I witnessed a girl who in my opinion has finally grown “into her skin”. I attended Avril Lavigne’s concert in Philly. She has changed and matured so much since her last tour and you can tell. The unite started with Butch Walker opening and him mocking Ashlee Simpson’s hoedown which is always good for a laugh. Avril came out and blew the crowd away. On this tour she really shows her talents by singing AND playing piano, guitar and drums. Ashlee should really look up to her. On one song, Avril was playing the piano and messed up. As a true professional, she laughed and kept on going. It was Halloween and her and the band disappeared for a minute. When they came out, they were all in costume. Avril was wearing a little Hooters outfit and began serving drinks to her band. She gave the attention to her guitarist,Charlie. She took over on drums while he sang a cover. While this girl is grown up, she still know how to have a little I don’t know why people bash her because she is real. She isn’t scared to show that either. People can judge her all they want because she is one of the few artists that doesn’t care what people say about her and that shows. Take her own advice and “Do what you do but keep on laughing. One thing’s true, there’s always a brand new day.”

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9 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Is All Grown Up

  1. divalamb says:

    Avril is as manufactured as the rest of these singers. instead of trying to be punk rock she should just accept her pop roots and stop bashing pop artists. she wouldn’t have should records without her “pop”singles. and isn’t she still fighting with Hillary Duff, whose like 16? Sounds like she still needs to grow up a little bit more.

  2. Britney1000 says:

    “People can judge her all they want because she is one of the few artists that doesn’t care what people say about her ” But she still judge other artists anyways, and when someone(Hilary) said something about her(that wasn’t even rude) she made it seems like it was the biggest thing in the world. I also saw an interview with her that she said she got into a fight because someone made fun at her music(She´s so mature isn’t she?!). She’s the most childish singer in the music biz!

  3. Pheobe says:

    The sad part is that Avril is better than the average pop star these days. At least she doesn’t screw every guy she see’s like Christina and Britney does. She doesn’t get caught lip synching badly like Ashlee did. She’s not into same sex relationships like JT and Usher. And she’s not abusive live Nick Carter. She may be some ass but she’s miles ahead of those other losers.

  4. girlygirl says:

    On this tour she really shows her talents by singing AND playing piano, guitar and drums. Ashlee should really look up to her. and she fakes all that like Ashlee! she messed up because she doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing! she sang a cover song how original! I hate her!

  5. XtinaFan says:

    First of all, what does screwing everyone and same sex relationships and being abusive have to do with music? even if those were true (which they aren’t.) that has nothing to do with musical talent. Avril is just as fake as all of the other pop stars. and you’re a sad person. go turn on MTV.

  6. blankgirl77 says:

    Avril has a horrible voice live, she fake plays guitar for years, now she plays 2 notes on a piano and says she can play that. She is a fraud who should be shot. She cannot play drums either, what the hell? In 3 months we’re all expected to believe she can play guitar, piano and drums? When I have seen her go on stage and fake play her guitar a million times? She literally plays 2 notes on piano and says she knows how to play. She has no talent and needs to realize she is a Britney clone.

    Yeah she just lies about writing her own songs when she didn’t. pretends to play guitar with amps unplugged because she can’t play, plays 2 notes on piano and acts like she can master it, has a horrible voice and no talent what so ever…and to top it all off is only famous because of her manufactured skater punk image. She is exactly like Britney. Except Britney is famous do to lack of clothing, and Avril is because she pretends to be a skater chick and dumb teenyboppers though she “rocks”. They are both manufactured, put together, told what to say, what to do, what to sing, how to dress, and have no talent. They should really get together some time.

  7. secretball555 says:

    This is SO FUNNY! Avril is like, the LEAST talented pop star out there and lies about everything. The reason her fans think she is so ‘talented’ is because she LIES about everything under the sun! I have seen her live and she sucks. Her voice was off key completely, I stood there in amazement wondering how this girl could have gotten a record deal. She strummed 2 chords on her guitar lightly and her amp was all the way down because you heard every other guitar but hers, she CANNOT PLAY PIANO IDIOT!! She plays 1 note and people think she can actually play piano. Look at Vanessa Carlton, Alicia Keys THEY play piano. Avril says she does but really can play as good as my 4 year old nephew. Her show sucked, was boring and really showed how talentless this girl is.

  8. Avril_Always says:

    HOW JEALOUS CAN YOU PEOPLE GET! She is real and anonymous just proved it! She is so good that she wrote “Shadow” for Ashlee Simpson and “Fly” for Hilary Duff! Are you people thick in the head? why is it so hard to believe that there is someone better than you in the world? Learn to accept that she is better than you will ever be!

  9. maypillow11 says:

    Where the heck do you get your information from? She didn’t write “shadow” and she didn’t write “fly” a-hole. She doesn’t even write her own songs. The ONLY song she has SOME input on that wasn’t hers was “breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson, on to which she CO WROTE. AKA: She wrote on sentence and the writer wrote the rest of the song for her just like they do with her own songs. Get your facts straight.

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