Avril Lavigne Is Christina Applegate’s Hero

According to In Touch magazine, came upon Christina Applegate’s wallet while standing in line at Jamba Juice in Los Angeles recently. When the actress returned to the store worried she’d lost her wallet, Lavigne was there to return it. “You’re my hero,” Applegate told the singer.

Engaged To Deryck Whibley

September 14, 2004 – World Entertainment News Network reports that Avril and Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley are now engaged. “They know they’re young, but Avril has been completely swept off her feet,” a source said. “They both come from similar backgrounds and have been drawn together amongst the false celebrity world. They are both fiercely private and want to keep their love behind closed doors. Both families are very pleased, but have advised them to have a long engagement, due to Avril’s age.”

Paris Hilton Makes Out With Avril Lavigne?

September 14, 2004 – Just a couple weeks after Paris was spotted making out with Christina Aguilera, The New York Daily News reports that the heiress was eyed in the wee hours Friday at Bungalow 8 “going at it” with Avril. Hilton’s rep insisted: “They were dancing, but they weren’t making out.”

Advises Youngsters On Superstardom

September 12, 2004 – Avril was featured in the October issue of YM, and gave some advice on breaking into the music industry. “Just try to get your name out. Make a demo and send it to record labels. Play as many gigs as you can and hopefully someone will hear you. It can be extremely difficult to stay true to yourself. Some people get to the point where they’re like, ‘I really want this deal, so I’ll let you tell me what to do.’ It wasn’t that way with me. I met L.A. Reid and he gave me a deal because I could sing. One day he asked me to his office, and I walked in and he goes, ‘Oh, you have your own look, your own style. We don’t need to come up with an image- you’re all set.’ I lucked out.”

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    Avril Lavigne & Christina Applegate are both so hot…

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