Avril Lavigne Is On Fan’s Ass

MuchMusic recently chatted with a guy named Johl who got his first tattoo, a tattoo on his ass. Johl explained, “Well, about 4 months ago I decided it was time for me to get my first tattoo. I figured a heart with Avril’s name on it would be a great thing to start with. Even if I never get to meet her, it’ll be a funny thing to have. If I do get to meet her, then hopefully she’ll think it’s cool. I’m totally infatuated with her.” While he hasn’t yet met the singer, he revealed his plans if he does someday. “I’d immediately get on one knee and propose to her,” Johl said. “Then I’d get her to autograph anywhere on my body, and tattoo over it. After that, I’m down with anything, we could just party.”

Is No Fake

April 5, 2003 – Craig Halket is a senior music programmer at MuchMusic tells Sarah Crosbie of the Kingston Whig-Standard that if was really a fake – a persona created by her record label’s marketing machine – she would have slipped up by now. “People have spoken out about her past being a country singer but when you’re a teenager, you can change in six months,” Halket said. “She’s too confident to not be real.” Halket says he believes Lavigne will bring home a few Juno Awards and said it doesn’t hurt her one bit that she was shut out of the Grammys. “The Grammys are a very mainstream thing while the Junos have got a bit more of an edge,” he said.

Avril Keeps It Real By Being An Interviewer’s Nightmare

March 31, 2003 – With her short and terse answers to interviewers, and a I hate to be here attitude during Q&A sessions, Avril Lavigne’s manager Terry McBride is trying to put a positive spin on the singer. “When you’re in a business that is usually fed by trainers and coaches for everything, what happens is the person comes off as not being real,” she tells the Canadian Press. “Not talking for that generation and doing things that generation looks at and goes ‘that’s sort of boring’.”

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