Avril Lavigne Is One Curious Musical Discovery

Cameron Adams of the Herald Sun weighed in on Avril Lavigne’s huge popularity and the increasing scrutiny of her past. “While her skills as a skater, guitarist and songwriter have been questioned, the masses clearly don’t care and are lapping up ‘Let Go’ in numbers not seen since, well, the days of Britney Spears,” Adams said. “The difference is, Avril is ‘real’. Or perhaps it’s just her manufacturing seams have been hidden better.”

Getting a chance to interview the singer, he asked about the whole talk that she is a record company creation just like Britney Spears. “Well, there’s that rumor then there’s the whole thing where everyone likes me because I am not contrived and because I came out as myself and I stood up for myself,” Lavigne said. “Different people have different opinions. Hearing people say, ‘Oh you’re fake,’ it’s like, OK, right. No I’m not. I mean, like, I wear my own clothes to photo shoots, like, whatever. Everything I do, it’s like, me. I’m not, like, trying to be a flower or anything like that.”

Says It Doesn’t Matter If She Wins A Grammy Or Not

February 19, 2003 – tells Gary Graff of United Press International that she’s honored but not too worried about winning at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards. “It’s an honor,” Lavigne said by cell phone from her tour bus. “It’s a pretty big deal; I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t. Whether I win or not doesn’t matter. The nominations are a pretty big deal on their own.” As for the Grammy nomination gaffe where she pronounced David Bowie’s name as Boww-ee instead of Boh-ee: “Oh, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. It’s only a big deal because I’m a teenager and everyone is stupid. I mispronounced someone’s name — big deal!”

Avril Lavigne’s Online Chat With Echo

February 19, 2003 – Avril Lavigne took part in a chat with Echo in Berlin, Germany. Avril says she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She wants to do a duet with and even Metallica. Avril complained of being jetlagged and was slumped over in her chair. Avril calls dealing with the press the boring part of what she does, and preferring to be on stage. Avril says if she writes a song with someone else it doesn’t matter, it is still her writing the song. Avril was last asked if she took drugs, she said no and it was kind of a weird question to ask. Video has since been removed.

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