Avril Lavigne Is Too Confident For Her Own Sake

Contributed Anonymously:

I have been reading these interviews with lately, and she is too confident for what little talent she has. Even after all these things happening to her like getting caught lying about her songwriting, and having her song writers call her out on it….to her fake guitar playing, fake image, and the whole punk thing..she STILL manages to think she is talented and has this arrogant attitude. She was going on in some interview about how L.A Reid signed her based on her and I quote “great voice, and he thought I was one of the greatest singers he has ever head. He was just blown away”. I mean, COME ON AVRIL! Her voice is NOT “blow you away” material. Her vocals are very mediocre junior high girl in a church choir type sound. And live she is about 10 times worse than ever.

Then she will go out and diss others for being ‘fake’ when she is SO fake and put together it’s sick. She knocked on and Hilary Duff for lip syncing, then fake plays her guitar and lies about her own song writing credits. With all these things she has been caught doing, she still manages to knock on people when she does the SAME things in different forms. I don’t see where she gets this overly confident, arrogant attitude from. The world has told her she doesn’t have talent, and she still thinks she does. What does it take to make her see that she is just another passing manufactured pop tart who is being used by her record label until her 15 seconds of fame are over?

Even who has a GREAT voice, have NEVER said “I have such a good voice” and she actually DOES have a great voice. Avril puts herself on a level where she thinks she can sing…and sing well on top of that. She is in for a rude awakening. I cannot think of a single pop star out there who keeps on saying how talented, real and amazing they are but Avril. And people like Beyonce, and Christina actually have talent. She is the only girl out there who tells media how good she is at singing, how she is so different than other pop starts because she is real (HAHA yeah) and all of the above. She is so annoying I cannot wait for her to be gone. Her single is already a FLOP!!!! HAHA!

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10 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Is Too Confident For Her Own Sake

  1. mel_melanie says:

    Uh, she doesn’t have the great voice ever but she never said she had the greatest voice, she has said she’s gotten BETTER. And she’s not a fake. She doesn’t lip synch and I’ve heard her play guitar LIVE. She’s who she is. She doesn’t have to have the greatest voice, to be a good artist. And her songs are awesome! She’s not going anywhere.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Um okay. But did Avril ever say that she has the greatest voice of all time that is “blow away” material? I don’t think she did. And as for her lipsynching and fake guitar playing or whatever, well, she’s not the only one that does that.

  3. hellahooked says:

    I agree with what you’re saying but Christina Aguilera has said plenty of times, how “real” she is & whatnot. It’s complete bull. Yeah, I know she doesn’t brag all the time like Avril.. but still, how is she “real”? LOL. Anyways, Avril has good songs don’t get me wrong but her live vocals are horrible & her performances are completely BORING. *strums same note, softly* You sound a bit sick in the head & like.. psycho, lol.. “She is so annoying I cannot wait for her to be gone. Her single is already a FLOP!!!! HAHA!” Calm, down.. LOL but that’s too bad ‘Nobody’s Home’ is flopping considerin’ how it’s one of her best songs & I find it deep.

  4. BadAzzFighter21 says:

    I’m not a big Avril fan, but there is one thing I can agree on: “Even Christina Aguilera who has a GREAT voice, have NEVER said “I have such a good voice” and she actually DOES have a great voice.” Now that is totally true. As for Avril I’m not a big fan and do not keep up w/ her career so w/e, but you sound kind of upset, obsessed, or someone just needing to rant?

    When Christina says she’s real, she means about her feelings(readon)’, ‘SHe means like she’s not gonna hold it in, if she has something to say she’s gonna say it. Kelly is not real, but I must agree is is real fat, and just really obnoxious. She’s a spoiled brat who was brought up w/ money, and she’s using it as an excuse.

  5. redar says:

    I was just watching VH1 and up comes a news brief with Avril discussing how she goes to all these award shows and sees people lipsyncing all the time. How she would never do that. She just was singing her own praises while slamming other artists. I’m not into the lip syncing either although an artist who dances I see no problem with them having a backing track as long as they are also singing.

  6. blankgirl77 says:

    Yes she did say she had a great voice I have heard her say that several times. She has said “people say things about me like I can’t sing..but that’s ok because I know I can”. And saying how her record label signed her because they were shocked and amazed at how good her voice was. Literally she said that. The has the nerve to diss other artists when she is talentless and fake.

  7. flowergirl223 says:

    I know Avril is really full of it. She is constantly comparing herself to every other pop star to make herself look like she is better than them. She thinks she is better than Britney, she thinks she is better than Hilary and Ashlee. She just always has to diss someone else to make herself look more talented. She can’t sing, write, play guitar, or be her real self. She’s a “Where are they now” waiting to happen. I bet she’ll be on E true Hollywood story in 20 years talking about how she was forced on to her fake image and that she really wanted to sing country.

  8. Robin says:

    Avril has a really great voice. She sings live better than on cd. You have no idea what are you talking about.

  9. anonym says:

    Um no Robin what are you talking about? She is SO overconfident! Her voice isn’t that bad, but SO many people can sing better than her…and her voice is not unique either, it just sounds very whiny. Hearing her say that she herself is a good singer makes me puke. I’d like to punch some sense into that blown up ego of hers…

  10. Robin says:

    Anonym, I know what I am talking about. Most singers in the world are worse than her. And her voice is really unique, not whiny.

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