Avril Lavigne Lashes Out At Britney Spears

The beef had with was tempered in recent months, but according to the Sunday Mail, Avril is turning up the heat again. “I’m not trying to put down anyone but the clothes I wear on-stage are the clothes I would wear to school or go shopping,” Lavigne explained. “I mean, the way Britney dresses would you walk round the street in a fu**ing bra? You won’t see me on stage in a sexy outfit or my hair in ribbons. If that’s what someone wants to do then so be it but I wouldn’t be seen dead looking like that.” But a source in Britney’s tour party wasn’t going to take the abuse lying down. “When Avril achieves a fraction of what Britney has then maybe people will listen,” the insider sneered. “Having a pop at Britney is just cheap.”

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7 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Lashes Out At Britney Spears

  1. meteora says:

    Avril is such a loser. Britney accomplished so much more than her. God, why does she care what Britney wears? We get that you are yourself, and we get that you aren’t a sellout, just stfu already

  2. nicksniki says:

    I dress like Britney…whats her point? All my girls do as well… she’s got nice clothes…if you got it flaunt it… Avril’s just a shapeless cow

  3. clayfan says:

    She’s hardly a “shapeless cow.” She has a tight, muscular body, and a great figure.’, ‘So you and your friends go around slutted out like Britney. That’s hilarious, and totally unoriginal. How much do you get paid to look that trashy?

    Did you see Avril in Rolling Stone in her black bikini? She had a perfect figure — flawless. Perfect boobs, perfectly tiny waist, perfect hips, slim legs (unlike Britney’s cow-like lower body). Just because she wears clothes that cover her, unlike Britney’s postage-stamps-and-dental-floss combinations, doesn’t make her clothing choices bad. You think Britney’s clothes are nice? Yeah, right. Britney looks like a streetwalker. If that’s your idea of nice, that’s fine. But that’s no one else’s definition of nice clothes.

    There is little to respect about Britney’s musical career. Just because she sells lots of records doesn’t garner respect. The Spice Girls sold lots of records yet didn’t garner nor deserve respect. Avril writes her own songs, plays guitar live, and sings live. Britney doesn’t. If you want to debate about Britney’s “songwriting” skills, go ahead. Britney is no songwriter. Avril can say what she wants about whomever she wants. (And Avril’s sold zillions of records; she’s released fewer albums than Britney has, so you can’t compare their sales.)

  4. CMB says:

    Of course, Avril’s album is coming out May 24th, and her single hasn’t done so well, so , this was bound to happen sometime this week. She is such a hypocrite; she seems obsessed with Britney. And doesn’t she appear in her panties in her new video? … so pathetic and sad. Shows how much Avril has really “grown up”. If she wants people to respect her music and her image, then she should start respecting other’s people’s careers and images (especially of those who are much more successful).

  5. texassoftballchick says:

    Avril is only picking on Flopney because Flopney is an easy target. Britney dresses like a slut on stage and acts like one. I don’t care for Avril, but at least she actually SINGS. Her concerts are real concerts, not cheap sex shows for sex-deprived teenies. At least Avril doesn’t steal men from their pregnant wives, fly them over to Europe for sexual romps, then complain about how “exhausted” she is.

  6. Riddle_Jones says:

    I’m definitely having an off day because I’m gonna stand up for Brit. She dresses like that because she is putting on a show, she has sets and its all flashy and theatrical. As for Avril, she just stands there, strums on a guitar a few times and gives the middle finger. She’s trying to be the whole “rock” chick. Now if they were in each other’s places, it would look stupid. I mean if Brit wore hot pants, a bra, bows and big make-up just to strum on a guitar and sing, they’re would be reason to criticize. And if Av dressed like she did and did Brits show, it would be weird. What they wear goes along with what they do. Only Mick Jagger can pull off doing the bow in hair, big make-up thing in a rock concert. And isn’t it funny, last album Avril first came out and started dissing EVERYONE, but then when people started to dis-like her for it, she changed her tune and said “The magazines misquoted me” and ***** and she kinda disappeared. Now with this album she’s doing it again, for attention!!! It’s not working, because this time she ain’t as successful.

  7. CMB says:

    Avril should respect all artists, especially when they don’t even mention your name,’, ‘and you still manage to insult them. It’s called class and decency, regardless of your opinion about their music, and/or image. And I haven’t said anything about Britney’s songwriting skills or Avril’s talent.

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