Avril Lavigne Loves Vanessa Carlton & Michelle Branch

Avril Lavigne tells Launch.com she’s happy to be in a new group of artists that write their own songs and play their own instruments like Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch. Avril said, “I love those girls. I like their music, I think it’s cool. We all have, like, unique stuff about us, but at the same time, you know, we’re all young singer-songwriters or whatever.”

Avril Lavigne Was Prepared For Success

June 27, 2002 – Following the huge success of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Let Go’ – an album that sees itself actually rising up the charts week to week instead of dropping – she spoke with MTV News to explain her thoughts on her success. “I feel like I’ve kind of prepared myself for it,” she admits. “All my life, this is what I’ve wanted, what I’ve dreamed about and I knew this would happen.” Read more.

Avril Lavigne Continues Move Up Album Charts

June 26, 2002 – Avril Lavigne’s new album ‘Let Go’ continues to move in a direction opposite that of most album debuts – up. She jumped from the number ten spot to number five. Meanwhile, Paulina Rubio’s English debut ‘Border Girl’ just missed the top ten at #11 and A-Teens’ Pop ‘Til You Drop! debuted at #45. Eminem again slaughtered the competition to maintain the #1 spot for a fifth straight week, though Nelly will likely take him out with ‘Nellyville’ this week.

LA Reid Gushes Over Avril Lavigne Album Chart Uptick

June 25, 2002 – Arista is giddy following the album sales uptick of Avril Lavigne in her second week on the charts – as ‘Let Go’ became the first debut album by an artist in recent memory to post a rare second week gain in sales.

“The first and second week chart success of Avril Lavigne is a clear indication that she has struck a responsive chord across a wide section of both teen and post-teen followers,” says Arista chief Antonio “L.A.” Reid. “The idea of a 17-year-old who writes and performs her own music is a refreshing breakthrough today. Avril speaks to her generation, and we are confident that, as others pick up on her music, they will discover an extraordinary artist who is on the threshold of an exciting career.”

Recent Radio Pop DJ Firings

June 24, 2002 – Perhaps not worthy of being news items but since both of their websites were good news sources – both Eddie & JoBo of B96 in Chicago and nighttime DJ Carson on 93.3 FLZ in Tampa have been fired recently. Eddie & JoBo were axed about three weeks ago because they resisted pressure from management to sign early contract renewals while Carson was just canned because he made fun of some “Win a box of cookies and get qualified for a trip to see Britney” contest, which apparently didn’t please his humorless management. After the uproar over Carson posting those unflattering Vanessa Carlton photos, I’m sure her message board fans will be rejoicing over this news.

Vanessa Carlton Psyched For Summer Tour

June 22, 2002 – Vanessa checked in with fans today to give fans a heads up on her appearance on CNN’s People in the News that aired a couple hours ago (and will air a few more times). Vanessa writes, “The merch is coming!!!! I swear. Sorry it took so long. How are you guys? I’m so psyched to go on tour this summer. Especially, looking forward to headlining my own tour in fall. As usual, your letter and tapes and gifts are inciting much giddiness. It is also a pleasure for me when I actually get to meet some of you mysterious web surfers. Big kisses. Peace, Vanessa.”

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