Avril Lavigne Not So Innocent In Miami Beach

Star magazine reports Avril Lavigne was recently partying in Miami Beach where she put on a public make-out display. “Let’s just say that , after a couple of vodka drinks, she sat on some guy’s lap and began making out to the point that people were just hoping she’d get a room and spare them the view,” a witness said. “But they looked like a pretty rough bunch, so no one around them said anything.” Avril continued drinking as the night wore on, but didn’t have to be carried out.

Avril Lavigne Dominates In Radio Spins

February 5, 2003 – Contributed anonymously: This week’s radio play charts sees Avril Lavigne jump to #1 with, ‘I’m With You,’ with a little over 8,800 plays. Last week was #1, with a little over 9,000 plays but fell to #2 with 8,752. B2K rise to #6 with almost 6,000 plays. t.A.T.u. continue to rise, this week at #12 with 4,786 spins. climbs one to #16, Simple Plan are #24 with 2,633, and Boomkat’s, ‘The Wreckoning,’ climbs ten spots to #34, with 1,501 plays. Boomkat’s lead singer is Taryn Manning who acted with, Britney Spears in, ‘Crossroads,’ and Eminem in, ‘8 Mile.’ Little known band, the Sugababes, who have had a few #1 singles in Europe has also been getting a little buzz from radio. They are under, ‘Going For Adds,’ which means the song has just begun to be added to radio station’s play lists.

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One thought on “Avril Lavigne Not So Innocent In Miami Beach

  1. sunshine says:

    the writer’s pathetic.
    she doesn\t know what does the word talented mean..
    avril’s the most talented singer I’ve ever saw that’s why I loved her that much..
    what do you know about her?
    stop talking nonsense..

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