Avril Lavigne Performs On Last Call

was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday where she performed ‘Sk8er Boi’ and ‘Complicated’. Avril also talked a bit with Carson, though provided her usual boring one or two word responses. For a transcript to the brief chat, read on.

Carson: How are ya? Welcome back to “last call.” Here with Avril
Lavigne. What’s happenin, Avril? What’s shakin’ with you?

Avril: Uh — I don’t know.

Carson: Busy, right? You know, the last time I saw you, I think, was early in the summer, right? When “let go” came out.

Avril: Yeah.

Carson: Things have been very busy.

Avril: Crazy.

Carson: In fact, you were how’s your summer been, in general? Good, right?

Avril: It’s been awesome. We’ve been through japan and Europe. It’s been pretty cool.

Carson: How are the boys back here? These are your good friends, your bandmates here. They behaving themselves?

Avril: Ah.

Carson: Anybody get arrested yet?

[ Laughing ]

Band: Almost.

Carson: Yeah. I figured. The tour manager got busted already?

Avril: Yep.

Carson: That’s good. You know, one of the bad things about having a hit song here in America is that you’re forced to play it until you puke.

Avril: Uh-huh.

Carson: How do you — you’re about to do “complicated.” What is your mind set when you go to play ts song now, after, I’m sure, having played it thousands of times?

Avril: Oh, it’s cool. It’s awesome just because, you know, everyone knows the song. And the crowd always has, you know, a high level of energy and gets you pumped.

Carson: Right.

Avril: ‘Cause they’re pumped. So it’s all right.

Carson: I think it’s gonna pump ’em up right now. I appreciate you being here. You, too, boys.

Avril: Thank you.

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One thought on “Avril Lavigne Performs On Last Call

  1. MeAndMyPiano says:

    Avril also talked a bit with Carson, though provided her usual boring one or two word responses.” lmao! even popdirt hates Avril…finally something to like about this stupid site….wooohoo..lol
    Avril is really dull i must say :/

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