Avril Lavigne Performs On ‘Today’

performed outside the studios of NBC’s ‘Today’ show in Rockefeller Center, in New York City on Friday (May 21) as part of their ‘2004 Summer Concert Series’. Check out pictures from RexFeatures, FilmMagic and GettyImages.

Avril Lavigne Takes Advantage Of Clothing Freebies

May 21, 2004 – Avril tells Tom Lanham of the Alameda Times-Star that while she doesn’t have any designer endorsements deals, it doesn’t mean she’s totally against taking advantage of the freebies of fame. “I do not do deals with them, but if I wear their clothes, they’ll give me some,” Lavigne said. “I used to get Dickies for free all the time. So if I see something I like, I just call’em and say ‘Hey — can you send me some stuff?’ Or I have someone call for me, and then they get it. I saw this coat I want, this black coat I wore in a photo shoot that fit me really well. But it was only a sample — they didn’t have any made.” Now, after three phone calls to the manufacturer, she’s waiting to hear back. “So we’ll see how that works out…”

Avril Lavigne Wasn’t Pressured On ‘Let Go’ Follow-Up

May 21, 2004 – Avril tells Annie Zaleski of the Boston Herald she didn’t put any pressure on herself when it came time to follow up her smash debut ‘Let Go’ with ‘Under My Skin’. “I told myself not to,” Lavigne revealed. “It’s not fair for me to sit there and do that to myself. That’s not why I’m here in the first place. I’m here because I love music and I have this wonderful opportunity to come out with another record. So, it’s better just to concentrate on the songs.”

Avril Lavigne Shows Increased Maturity On ‘Under My Skin’

May 21, 2004 – The increased maturity on Avril’s new album ‘Under My Skin’ might come as a surprise, as Lavigne won’t turn 20 until September 27th, but she has an explanation for that. “I think it’s because of all the travel and the situations that I’ve been in. A lot has happened in the past two years, let’s just say that,” she noted in an interview with Steve Morse of the Boston Globe. “I live on my own now, and most of my friends are older than me. Chantal is my best friend and she’s 30. And my band is all 24 and 25. And I don’t hang out much with people my own age.”

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3 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Performs On ‘Today’

  1. nanda_lo says:

    That’s so cool! I really hope Avril comes to Brazil this year! I can scarcely wait!

  2. real_deal_xtina says:

    she’s so fake. I’m so glad katie couric pointed out that she grew up going to church and not on skateboards like she claims. so tired of her saying that she writes her albums. katie also pointed out that she collaborated with some Canadian singer. Avril was like “oh yeah, that’s my best friend. going around saying she’s matured, then why won’t she take a shower and stop talking about Britney and xtina.

  3. howsoonisnow says:

    Exactly! Still trying to steal too much credit….’, ‘….for her writing ability (or lack thereof). That is the mark of an extremely IMMATURE and INSECURE person. Avril is a fraud. Now she is claiming that she has been playing guitar since she was 10. Why can’t she play it then? She’s terrible.

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