Avril Lavigne Rejects Fred Durst

spoke with Rolling Stone magazine about how she shot down Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst after hanging out at a the Metallica tribute concert. She said, “[Backstage at a Metallica tribute] I mentioned to Fred that I was hungry – like, ‘I want an In-N-Out burger’. He had someone go out and get me a whole box of them, with fries. I was like [sarcastically], ‘Yeah!’ Then he took a private jet out to one of my shows, expecting me to bang him. He was disappointed that I wouldn’t even go near him [laughs]. He was a little pissed that I went to my room alone that night.”

Adds Another No. 1 Album

June 2, 2004 – Billboard reports that following a No. 1 debut in the United Kingdom, Avril bowed on top of the U.S. pop albums chart with her sophomore effort ‘Under My Skin’, according to Nielsen SoundScan data issued Wednesday. The Arista/RCA Records set sold 381,500 copies in the week ended May 30, ending the eight-week reign of Usher’s ‘Confessions’, which fell to No. 3 on the Billboard 200, also behind the new Slipknot album ‘Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses’.

Overcomes Shyness

June 2, 2004 – Avril says she’s getting used to all the personal questions she gets asked on the promotional circuit for ‘Under My Skin’, the followup to her hit ‘Let Go’. “I actually am shy,” she said in an interview with CTV’s Canada AM. “I get put up in front of strangers all day long, and I have to sit and talk about myself — like we’re currently doing right now — and not only that, you have like three, four cameras on you … It’s very bizarre, it’s weird. So it took a little while for me to get used to it and used to opening up to the people that were interviewing me.” The interview video at ctv.ca has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Rejects Fred Durst

  1. BrItNeys_HuBbY says:

    Let me quote Christina when I say ”haha Fred you got no nookie” I hate that mofo first Christina, then Britney, then Angelina which didn’t even acknowledge his existence now Avril what a LOSER.

  2. maypillow11 says:

    “People saying I can’t sing, but I have no problem with that, because I know that I can. People saying that I can’t write, which pisses the ***** out of me, because I’m a writer. Don’t you *****ing dare try to take that from me.” HAHAHAHA!!! Avril you are so f**king *****y if you actually think you can sing. She is like ” I know I can sing” yeah ok. She cannot sing for her life unless computers make her voice sound like a robot. She sounds so off key live it ain’t even funny. Nothing is good about her voice. And I love how she is STILL trying to convince people that she writes her own songs. Even if we see her co written credits, and hear her songwriters say she hardly wrote a thing. But she is acting like she is so offended by that. Kind of like how Britney acts so offended when people say she lipsyncs. When she does!! Avril baby, you cannot sing and you don’t write your own songs everybody knows that.

    And she says how she didn’t sleep with Fred…then continues to say that everytime she is drunk and hears the song “Hey ya” come on, she has a hard time keeping her clothes on? Hmm wow yeah you aren’t a wh*re. Why would fre like her anyway? She looks 12. But hey freds a skank who would sleep with anybody.

  3. secretball555 says:

    Avril is such an idiot. She is sitting there talking about how many songs she can play on guitar, I would LOVE to see that. And her for once actually *gasp* playing guitar by herself would be nice!! Being that she has never done that before. And who does she think she is threatening with her whole “Don’t you dare take that away from me” bull about her “songwriting skills”. She is just mad because so many people know she doesn’t write like she says she does. She writes 3 words and calls that songwriting. And even the songs she did co write are simple and some even immature. Such as sk8er boi, and the lovely line “lets talk this over, its not like we’re dead” or “Ill have to kick your ass”. Phew that’s skill ladies and gentleman. She is not even a good co writer. Nothing on her album has deep original lyrics. Now she is trying to be all deep talking about the sniper. Please!! You didn’t write anything about that, because you never write about anything of any substance. Besides her same typical “boys suck” crap. She is so aggravating. And on top of that she is conceded enough to flat out say how she KNOWS she can sing? Hello, what is she hearing when she opens her mouth on stage? I am hearing a horrible off key can’t sing for my life sound. Even Christina Aguilera who has a good voice hasn’t been like “I KNOW I can sing!” And Britney who cannot sing has stated that she isn’t the best singer and she knows that, but she likes to sing rather than she thinks she is so good. But Avril who is a bad singer live, whose only hope of sounding decent is when machines f**k with her voice…is sitting there acting like she is such a good singer. Keep telling yourself that Avie, maybe someone will believe that to be true one day.

  4. Brinn says:

    Oh so the chronic liar says. Despite Fred’s history, I don’t believe her for a second. She’s trying to put herself in the same league as Britney – and if you look at Fred’s record, he likes the blonde playboy type. Not even he would touch Avril with a ten foot pole.

  5. greencake747 says:

    That’s what Avril Lavigne sucks!!
    She can reject a date but she hasn’t to be damn rude to everyone!!!!

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