Avril Lavigne Says Her Band Is Important

SuChin Pak and Joe D’Angelo caught up with who talked about how important her bandmates are, despite the fact that she performs under her own name. “I want people, when they hear my name or think ‘,’ to think of me and the guys… I’m a solo artist and it’s my name, but I have the band vibe and I want people, when they hear my name or think ‘,’ to think of me and the guys. That’s how much I want them to be involved in this,” she explained. “We have something really special and we connect really well. It’s strange, but it really feels like we’re all supposed to be together. It’s a really cool, unique situation.” Read more.

Avril Lavigne Isn’t Into False Images

July 14, 2002 – Avril Lavigne tells Corey Levitan of the New York Post that she’s “just not into people putting an image out there that’s not them.” Lavigne added of the obvious reference to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and other pop pin-ups, “If you’re gonna go in front of the camera, be yourself. Don’t dress up as someone else, then say you’re different when you’re off-camera. It’s retarded, it’s ridiculous.”

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