Avril Lavigne Says She Has Wicked Fans

checked in with fans on her official website last Wednesday. Avril talked about her recent TV appearances and meeting fans at the Kiss concert earlier this month. “Me and Evan performed an acoustic set at the Kiss Boston Show on the 1st. I did an autograph session afterwards and got to meet a lot of wicked fans. It’s a really good feeling to know my songs touched you guys. You guys were amazing! Thanks so much. Hey to the dude who asked me to marry him and took a million pictures of me. Hahhaha.”

Needs To Decide Who She Is

June 12, 2002 – Jeff Miller of CDNow.com was on hand at Avril Lavigne’s show at the Viper Room in Hollywood on Wednesday night. Miller said her performance “raises an inevitable question, though: Who, really, is Avril Lavigne? Is she the radio-friendly pop princess of the radio hit ‘Complicated?’ Or is she the skull-and-crossbone-tie wearing punk princess of her headbanging live version of the same song?” Adding, “If Lavigne wants to avoid answering these questions, she has to decide, right now -– before she gets even more famous –- who she really is.”

Excited For Much Music Awards

June 12, 2002 – Avril Lavigne posted another journal update on her official website Wednesday. She talked about some of her upcoming appearances including tonight at the Viper Room, Craig Kilborn tomorrow, and Regis & Kelly on June 27th. Perhaps the appearance she’s looking most forward to though is the MuchMusic Awards. “Oh ya, I’m excited because we are performing ‘Complicated’ at the Much Music Video Awards! I’m pumped! This is especially an honor because it’s not often that people get to perform when their videos haven’t been nominated on the Awards show…the video for ‘Complicated’ came out after the nomination deadline, but they are making an exception and still letting us play!! Much Music Rocks!”

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