Avril Lavigne Shops At Victoria’s Secret In Chicago

The Chicago Sun-Times reports was spotted buying up lots of sexy stuff at Victoria’s Secret on Michigan on Wednesday (November 10).

Calls Out Lip-Synchers

November 9, 2004 – Dan Aquilante of the New York Post spoke with Avril Lavigne in a Q&A and asked the singer about Ashlee Simpson’s recent ‘Saturday Night Live’ lip-synching disaster. “In a way it was good because it showed that people are doing it on TV all the time,” Lavigne remarked. While insisting she had never lip-synched, Lavigne took the time to point out another young singer who seems to mime all the time. “People like Hilary Duff. I’ve never heard her sing live,” Lavigne said. “Each time I’ve seen her perform, she lip-synchs. She sings to tracks and they either amp her vocals very low or she just doesn’t sing at all. You don’t deserve to be there if that’s what you do.”

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6 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Shops At Victoria’s Secret In Chicago

  1. allyouwanted says:

    Maybe she doesn’t lip synch in live t.v. but she has lipsynched at concerts before, so maybe she was insisting that she never lipsynched on t.v. like you’re gonna be sick sometime or whatever and you’ll need to lipsynch a couple times in your career, but who knows if Hilary Duff sings live in her concerts? well, I will know in January.

  2. ssl291 says:

    I can tell you know she didn’t lip sync the 4 times I saw her. And I’ll be seeing in Ottawa and Montreal in January too. It is not wise from Avril to open herself to a defamation claim of something she can’t prove.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    Um, people have been lipsyncing on TV before this happened, Ashlee didn’t have to be busted for doing it to make people realize that. And even though what she says about Hillary is just obvious, I don’t see what’s new about any of this.

  4. secretball555 says:

    Ah yes, the girl who plays guitar with her amp unplugged or turned all the way down, the girl who writes a single word on her songs and claims to be a writer, the girl who cannot sing for sh*t and acts like she is good is talking about other people yet again. Avril, I’m sorry you have to diss other people for publicity, being that your popularity has rapidly decreased. Must suck to be you.

  5. jolene014 says:

    get over yourself Avril! its not like you can sing even if you don’t lipsynch. and don’t go saying ‘oh I’ll never show my boobs/ass/stomach’ and then go do that! dying your hair blonde and curling it hahaha go away!

  6. crazygirl22 says:

    Shut up AVRIL! Avril is just all fake, I mean you go see her in a concert her voice is so bad, anyone can sing like her. just in her CD’s she sounds good. She is so STUPID these days…she was a really cool singer. Hilary is really good. She has really entertaining concerts, unlike Avril.

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