Avril Lavigne Sounds Off On Bad Room Service

FemaleFirst.co.uk reports that Avril Lavigne’s pet peeve while traveling is poor room service. “Sometimes I feel like I live in hotels, so it’s good to stay in a really cool one,” she said. “I hate hotels that have crappy service, like when you need something from the front desk or room service and no one answers the phone. That sucks!”

Radio A Factor For Avril Lavigne’s Song Selection

August 21, 2005 – Avril admitted to music writer Alan Sculley she takes radio play into consideration in choosing songs for her CDs. “I want to be played on the radio. I want to have Top 40 hits,” she said. “I want people to hear my music. I like it when people come to my show, and if they don’t know my record, they know my songs, because they’ve been on the radio. I like that.”

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10 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Sounds Off On Bad Room Service

  1. Shanice says:

    What a stupid woman! She’s complaining about room service in her 5 star hotels, while other people are dieing on the streets homeless. What a shameless whore!

  2. popstar says:

    What does someone being homeless have to do with a 5 star hotel?’, ‘It doesn’t matter what hotel or who you are. If you’re paying to stay in a hotel, you better get nice service! As for the homeless people, please. Most of them can get into shelters or a job. There isn’t an excuse for being poor in America.

  3. lilsongwritergal says:

    ungrateful’, ‘I agree with Shanice she is a stupid who.re, she complains about everything and isn’t grateful at all for her fame, and I mean at all.

  4. estephania says:

    How do you know she isn’t grateful? Don’t you realise that they cut and paste interviews and just tell you SOME of the things they say? Do you honestly believe that is all she talks about? You are not that gullible are you?

  5. malibu says:

    i kinda agree with shanice’s comment. I think everyone has had bad room service, avril shouldn’t think shes the exception, frankly I think some ‘famous’ people deserve it. yes it sucks, but it would suck a lot worse if she was on the streets, that’s my point. hey, I don’t think avril was really complaining but if she’d like to trade places with me, I would be more than happy!

  6. popstar says:

    That’s what’s wrong with our generation. Being poor is suddenly something you act–‘, ‘like you can’t fix yourself. That isn’t true unless you’ve got a mental problem or some type of disability, & in that case, you’ve got welfare & shelters. USE IT PEOPLE! People w/o those type of problems CAN help themselves. If you’re so poor, you aren’t going to be picky & refuse to go to a shelter. Everyone in America has the chance to get a job. It’s not Africa or some 3rd world country. So don’t give me excuses why I should feel sorry for people who don’t do anything for themselves!

  7. Shanice says:

    Sorry honey, but I bet your mommy and daddy pay for every little thing your heart…’, ‘desires. Call me when you yourself actually have a real job.

  8. popstar says:

    I’m 16, so I have a job, thank you very much. & I pay out of my own money for almost’, ‘everything I want. I’m not rich. My parents can’t afford to give me everything. I earn it myself.

  9. ihatehilary says:

    “I hate hotels that have crappy service, like when you need something from the front desk or room service and no one answers the phone. That sucks!” perhaps if you dated the singer of gc instead of the singer from sum 41, you’d have your own personal service boy to fetch you what you need at all times. sum 41 sucks! gc rules!

  10. Guerilla_de_Intifada says:

    The welfare system and various types of shelters are merely stopgap solutions to a much more troublesome and complex problem in American society. The division between the perceived haves and have-nots is rather distinct and self-perpetuating. Individuals from impoverished areas are much less likely statistically to receive an adequate schooling and move on to higher forms of education, due to an unsubstantial public educational system. Without adequate schooling and the aforementioned higher education, these individuals are incapable of pulling themselves out of poverty. Meanwhile, the upper class and middle class suburbanites are given far greater advantages in education and, thus, employment opportunities. The cyclical nature of this pattern becomes rather apparent. Moreover, it is quite clear that there is a significantly disproportionate distribution of wealth across racial lines. This itself is also self-perpetuating. The opportunity of employment is not equal for everyone. Free market capitalism not only entails but guarantees the prominent existence of impoverished individuals in society. In a system of “winners” and “losers,” there will always be the poor. Poverty is not simply a matter of “laziness” as you would imply; it is the product of a lack of social justice. Certainly, the economic situation in the United States is much more favorable in comparison to various third-world regions marauded by European and, later, American imperialism. However, your analysis of the so-called “American dream” is severely romanticized.

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