Avril Lavigne Talks About Britney Spears For Publicity Yet Again

Submitted anonymously:

I saw a clip of on a short news interview. And what a surprise, she was talking about again! I am so sick of her. One second she says she likes her, and then she is saying things about her behind her back because she is too afraid to say it to her face. How come 99% of the time the ONLY girl she talks about is Britney? There are people in the industry who dress just as bad, if not worse than her…but Avril only seems to talk about her.

She said something about how Britney goes too far with her facial expressions in pictures and she isn’t a good role model. This coming from the girl who in every picture is either standing there with her mouth open like she is screaming, or she is jumping in the air screaming again. The girl with a permanent scowl on her face. And BRITNEY is the bad role model? Avril is the one who has said she gets drunk all the time since she was 17 years old. Britney never talked about anything like that. Now I don’t like Britney, but I hate Avril way more.

So dressing sexy is a poor role model, but saying how drunk you get every night isn’t? Or saying you write your own songs when you really don’t? Or how about saying you’re a skater and a rock chick, when you really aren’t? She is just mad because Britney has had way more success than she has. Do you notice the only people she talks about are the people who are overly nice and will never say anything back? Britney and will never be rude to anybody and Avril knows that. She is a wimp and can’t ever say anything bad about people who would actually respond to her. Like a bully who only picks on the little kids because they’re too afraid to pick on someone their own size.

She looks so dumb talking 24/7 about Britney and Hilary and having them never respond. They are being adult enough to not say rude things, and Avril is obsessed with them. And did anybody notice at the Kids Choice Awards, how Hilary Duff was right next to Avril, and Avril didn’t say a word to her? Hmm figures. She is all talk and no action. She had her chance to confront Hilary and she didn’t. Because she is a fake wimp trying to act tough, but she has no backbone in reality.

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4 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Talks About Britney Spears For Publicity Yet Again

  1. AVRIL_IS_THE_BEST says:

    ***** YOU avril is the best and u cant say that she isn’t a good person because u don’t know her!!!she isn’t and never been an alcoholic, next time be sure that what you say is true before saying it …poser… and its normal that she talks worst against Britney because Britney is a slot!! and u’ll never see avril dress up like a slot avril rocks nom matter what u say about that…but maybe ur jealous because she has a life!

  2. Memphys says:

    You’re a di** head mate.

    when people in an interview ask you questions like ‘what do you think of Britney” of coarse she is going to answer truthfully.

    because if she didn’t, you would be writing bullsh** about that too.

    Also, Avril sticks up for Britney only when she knows that it wasn’t Britney’s fault or something like that not when Britney pulls down her undies on purpose with 10 cameras around her.

    So suck it up princess.

    your nothing special. Avril is. :D bye.

  3. Tara says:

    I agree with you totally and I have a feeling that the other comment here is Avril since nobody cares about her

  4. bara says:

    This is awful..whatever Britney does,it’s her personal thing..who the hell Avril is to blame her..she just can’t cloud Britney’s sunshine just by talking some sh** out of her face..Britney was the principal of the school where Avril is being educated or whatever..
    if you can’t talk something good about someone then you have no right to talk sh** about them…

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