Avril Lavigne Talks About Britney Spears In Ellegirl Magazine

Contributed by britney4ever:

In the latest Ellegirl the cover story is an interview with Avril Lavigne. I just perused the story at the newsstand and some of the things Avril said surprised in that she seemed to be actually learning something.

Avril said “Anti-Britney is a very mean thing to say. Think of how she feels when people say it. i have said some things about her. I have heard she is a really cool and nice person even though I’m not into the whole sex thing.
When I have only had 40 minutes of sleep I think of Britney and how she has been everywhere for a very long time.

Interviewer asked to her “It sounds as if you admire her.” and Avril said “I would not say admire her but I respect her. She has had to go through a public breakup with a world famous boyfriend and she has no personal life. She must be a very strong woman.”

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