Avril Lavigne Talks About Mt. Hood Snowboarding Trip

performed her latest hit ‘Sk8er Boi’ on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Afterwards, Avril talked with Jay about her trip to Mt. Hood where she was earlier in the day on a snowboarding trip. Avril got a little bruised up and blamed it on snowboarding in a tank top. She also talked about staying in a haunted lodge where ‘The Shining’ was filmed. Read on for a transcript.

Jay: How are you? Good to see you. How are you doing? Have a seat.

Avril: Good.

[ Cheend applause ]

Jay: That was great

Avril: Thank you.

Jay: You just flew in today from where?

Avril: From Oregon.

Jay: Oh, mt. Hood. Okay, okay. What were you doing up there? Snowboarding or something?

Avril: I went snowboarding. Yeah. Stayed at the Timberline lodge where “The Shining” was filmed.

Jay: Oh, okay. That’s cool. Did you see — was it scary?

Avril: Um, actually, yes. It’s — real haunted there.

Jay: Did you hurt yourself?

Avril: Yes, I wiped out.

Jay: You wiped out snowboarding?

Jamie: Let me see. Ooh, just today.

Avril: Man in audience: Yeah!

[ Cheers ]

Jay: Wow. Don’t get any ideas, guys.

[ Laughter ] But you are okay?

Avril: Yeah, I’m good.

Jay: But you’re like, you’re

Avril: I was snowboarding in a tank top.

Jay: Snowboarding in a tank top. Very irresponsible. So tell me about the haunted hotel. Could you sleep okay? Were there ghosts?

Avril: Well, actually, when I checked in, I got this eerie feeling. And I was like “is this place haunted?” And he like, “no, no. It’s fine.” And then later on we found out it was. And the janitor took us up to the west end attic, and we all just got like goosebumps and saw some lights and some freaky things.

Jay: I think Jamie Lee Curtis did this movie.

Jamie: I did. I wasn’t actually in that one, Jay.

Jay: No, no.

Jamie: Thank you, no.

Jay: Sounds like one of yours.

Jamie: But I have a bruise, too. But I can’t show it to you.

Jay: Really?

[ Laughter ]

Jamie: It’s just — I’ll show you later or during the commercial.

Jay: And we’re not interested in your bruises, guys.

[ Laughter ] Listen, congratulations on all your success.

Avril: Thank you.

Jay: It’s really terrific.

[ Cheers and applause ] Avril Lavigne. “Let’s go” is the CD

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