Avril Lavigne Thinks Hilary Duff Is ‘A Goody-Goody’

In an interview with The New York Daily News, took a few more shots at Hilary Duff. “I don’t really like her,” Lavigne said, though she admits she has never met the 16-year-old singer-actress. “I can tell what she’s like. She’s too much of a kiss-ass. You can tell that she’s a goody-goody.” Lavigne thinks it’s unlikely she’ll ever meet Duff. “She’ll probably try to avoid me for the rest of her life,” she said with a giggle.

‘Don’t Tell Me’ Shows Avril Lavigne Is A Writer

May 22, 2004 – In an interview with Craig McLean of The Independent, Avril was notably chuffed that the album’s first single, ‘Don’t Tell Me’, is largely one of her compositions, written when she was 17, after the recording of, but before the release of, ‘Let Go’. “Well! It obviously shows there that I’m a writer,” she bristled, in a rare burst of animation. “I mean, that song’s being played on the radio. And I only wrote it with Evan, and Evan just wrote the guitar, and I wrote everything else. So that’s proof that I am a writer to people who thought that maybe I didn’t write.”

Celebrates Album Release With Broadband Rocks Concert

May 22, 2004 – On the eve of the release of Avril Lavigne’s second album, ‘Under My Skin’, the singer will perform a special live Broadband Rocks concert from New York City’s historic Webster Hall. The free, ticketed event will be broadcast live exclusively for AOL for Broadband members on Monday (May 24). The live concert broadcast begins at 9:00 PM ET at AOL Keyword: Broadband Rocks. “I’m really excited about my new album,” said Avril Lavigne. “AOL has been with me since the beginning and I’m really looking forward to our show as a way to say ‘thanks.'”

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9 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Thinks Hilary Duff Is ‘A Goody-Goody’

  1. rangergirl says:

    What’s wrong with being a “goody-goody”? How old is Hilary anyway 16? Why shouldn’t she be a “goody-goody” at her age? Is Avril hard nose and hard core –I don’t think so. She needs to STFU. Oh, she now holding an Olive branch to Britney , why because she’s still popular. Talk about “kiss ass”. Avril is a hypocrite who needs to practice her fake guitar playing more.

  2. howsoonisnow says:

    Avril is just plain mean and there is nothing admirable in that. Her lousy personality will be her downfall along with the crappy pop music she insists on inflicting on us. I’d take Hilary or Britney or Christina over Avril any day.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    Okay, Hilary Duff is a “goody goody”. So what? What’s her problem! lol. Avril comes off being so immature with her pointless comments about celebrities she has never even met and who have so much more credibility, talent, and class than her. If she don’t like them, fine, but jeez she don’t have to act so childish about it.

  4. real_deal_xtina says:

    She has no talent that is why she keeps talking about other people. she acts like she’s not pop, but that is what you hear on her new album. which sucks!

  5. maryfingsunshine says:

    Plastic Lavigne thinks Hilary Duff is a goody-goody? Um someone needs to look in the mirror! So you may talk smack about people in the press but that doesn’t make you Sid Vicious either!

  6. flowergirl223 says:

    Avril just because you want to be hardcore doesn’t make you. You are a preppy country singing choir girl. She acts like she is some rebel who lived a hard twisted life. YOUR FROM A SMALL WEALTHY TOWN IN CANADA! You went to church every Sunday and were a strict christian with no rebellious bone in your body. You parents are happily married and supportive of your talentless a*s enough to let you drop out of high school like the dumb woman that you are. So how exactly are you tough? Because you sing about sk8er bois (I guess you dropped out too soon because you can’t even spell) and wearing black eyeliner. I can go dress like a princess tomorrow, but that doesn’t make me one. Stop trying to dress a certain way to make people think you’re a badass. Clothes are miracles.

  7. allyouwanted says:

    oh my gosh, Avril is the most hypocritical person in this planet I believe. so she wrote her own songs, well co-wrote, and I guess she kind of forgot the song “unwanted” where she said that you didn’t know her so don’t ignore her, bla bla bla. she changes her mind about everything because she is caught up in what she wants to say and what she should say, and those 2 collide together, and we all get dizzy. just because Avril Lavigne gets herself drunk at nightclubs and Hilary doesn’t, doesn’t make Avril any better of a person. Ms. Lavigne’s liver will be all clogged up by the time she begins to experience her first taste of talent. I’m posting an article tonight about some of this stuff, but it’s fact, not essay. you’ll hear my essays later this week- LOL. well so what is so bad about being a goody goody? Avril doesn’t even know the thoughts that go on in Hil’s mind, or the depth of her personality. she’s just judging everyone, like she taught everyone not to. bottom line is, when something is in her favor, she doesn’t care who she hurts to get there. and I really doubt that the rare good girl will waste her time with this poser

  8. Ruben says:

    WTH?!?! I love Avril, but since when is it wrong to be good?? And she’s like “I can see right through her, she’s a kiss-ass and she’ll avoid me” when she has never met her. UGH Avril! You’ve let me down…

  9. Corey Groves says:

    I just wanted to say that Avril Lavigne needs to stop acting and dressing like a rebellious teenager because she is not a rebellious teenager like she used to be when she came into the music industry back in the year, 2002 (that was the year that I graduated from High Schoo). She needs to learn how to act and dress like a grown woman because she is already 36 years-old. Avril is one of the most biggest posers in the music industry because she did claim to be a, “rock chick” and a, “skater chick” who sings and writes rock music. She is a pop music artist who sings and writes pop music, and she doesn’t know how to skateboard either. As far as her little feud with Hilary Duff goes, Hilary didn’t have to say that Avril needs to learn to appreciate her fans because I’m pretty sure that Avril appreciates her fans because she always thanks them for supporting her when is comes to them buying her music and buying tickets to see her live in concert. Avril needs to learn to let go of what Hilary said about her instead of bashing her because she is supposed to be a perfect role model to all of her fans out there. Hilary said that she bought her, “Let Go” album and she also said that she is a fan of her music. Avril thinks that she is a lot better than Hilary, but she isn’t because she is so immature and so rude. End of story.

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