Avril Lavigne Tribute Album To Be Released

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Like many other popular artists today, a tribute album to is scheduled to be released next month. Like its other tribute albums, this record made by Big Eye Music will feature various other artists covering Avril’s songs. Unfortunately, there aren’t any sound clips available yet. The album will be released on February 25 and you can preorder it for $10.98 here.

Doesn’t Like Pop Classification

January 24, 2003 – admits to UPI she is most keen on getting the rock vocal award for this year’s Grammys. “That would be most meaningful,” she says, explaining she doesn’t like to be labeled as pop, which she associates with the like of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. “I don’t like to be categorized. But I think that I’m quite different. I write my own stuff.”

From Angel To Skater Girl

January 20, 2003 – Sarah Crosbie of the Kingston Whig-Standard spoke with Justin Chenier, who is trying to sell a performance he taped of Avril Lavigne at Napanee’s Evangel Temple on December 14th, 1994. “To me, as a music fan, it doesn’t do me any good to have a video sitting in a garage. I think Avril fans would get a kick out of seeing her first performance, the same way Wayne Gretzky fans would get a kick out of seeing his first goal,” Chenier said. After the tape aired today on KRock FM 105.7, Chenier said he would sell his video to a television network or on the Internet but said he hasn’t made plans yet.

Avril Lavigne Wonders Why Anyone Cares About Her

January 19, 2003 – David Segal of the Washington Post caught up with a bored to the point of catatonic Avril Lavigne who only seemed interested in talking about how little she enjoys doing interviews. “No offense or anything, it’s just, like, weird when someone’s, like, ‘So how does it feel?”‘ she murmurs. “You just shake someone’s hand, sit down and spill your guts. And they just want to know so much and you’re just, like, ‘Why do you care?”‘ Read more.

Avril Lavigne Has Nearly Catatonic Stage Presence

January 19, 2003 – Erin Brown and Michael Kurdyla of the Georgetown Hoya were less than impressed with Avril Lavigne’s performance at 99.5 FM hosted the Morning Messfest in Southeast Washington, D.C. They write, “This is not to take anything away from Avril’s talents both vocally and on the guitar, but her performance was, in a word, amateur. While more experienced artists can handle both the visual and audio aspects of a live performance, Avril seemed to lack the ability to multitask. She simply stood up on stage and sang. Though most of it was overshadowed by guitar chords and drumbeats, her clear and capable voice merely hinted at her true talent. Lavigne failed to capture the feeling of her studio recordings in a live performance setting. Simply put, don’t expect her to be heading to the silver screen any time soon. Her next song, ‘Naked,’ was equally as catatonic. Sometimes with her hands lifeless at her sides, other times just gripping the microphone, she just stood there, completely immersed in song.”

Avril Lavigne Tries To Stay Normal With Fashion

January 18, 2003 – Avril Lavigne tells the Toronto Star that she has become fashion’s latest style icon by complete accident. “I think I’m, like, a lot different than other famous chicks like Britney and whoever else,” she says, bashing her favorite target – Britney Spears. “They’re totally dolled up and have a brand new outfit on all the time. I’m totally not into that. I wear the same clothes over and over. If you’re living a normal life, you have, like, a drawer with a few pairs of pants in it, and that’s what you live out of. That’s normal. I try to stay that way as much as I can.”

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