Avril Lavigne Turns Down Nick Carter

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As mentioned on MTV’s Total Request Live today, turned down on doing a track with Backstreet Boys star on his new solo album, because she doesn’t want to be pulled into the “teen pop scene.”

Note: This apparently is the full quote: “ wanted me to sing on his album but, you know, it’s not really my thing,” she says, laughing. “I mean, he’s a cool guy, I met him, he’s nice. But I’m sorry I had to turn it down. I’m not putting myself in the (teen pop) type of box.”

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8 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Turns Down Nick Carter

  1. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    Good for her, she can do soo much better then be used as some marketing tool by nick carter to make us believe he can really ‘rock’.

    Avril is on such a bigger level then him!

  2. brokbsb12002 says:

    You can see Avril looks like a teen pop for me, her song, so who cares about her, well at least wanted someone that really can sing.

  3. Lyssie says:

    From what I’ve heard of Nick’s album (ie: Help Me, My Confession, blah, blah, blah) I kind of wonder if she knew what his album was about. When I listen to her album and the three songs from the internet by Nick, excuse me if I’m tone deaf (which I’m Not), but they sound like the same genre of music. They have the same kind of guitary (??) feel to them and stuff. I don’t know, that’s just me, she can do whatever the hell she wants.

    She’s pop anyway, just a little more edge.

  4. karbear1 says:

    you know, who does Avril think she is anyway? i mean, first she made that whole comment blasting Britney, and now she made a comment about Nick. I’m not a big fan of either, but she really needs to be put in her place. she is teen POP whether she likes it or not, and being the new artist that she is, she shouldn’t go making these types of comments because people will, and do, judge her for them. i hate how she tries to act all punk rockish when she is just as “pop” as the latter.

  5. Imp697 says:

    Good move. Considering her performances in Los Angeles, she’s definitely NOT going to remain in the ‘POP’ genre any too long, and connecting herself to someone who is going to be trying to dig himself out would have been a negative career move.

    It’s never good for an up and coming act to associate itself with someone established, much less someone who’s trying to break through their own mold.

    Avril will do just fine on her own and doesn’t need any warmed over presence to do it.

  6. dewey says:

    Excuse me but Avril seems to be a million miles from Nick and his achievements! I think it was a dumb move to turn down Nick’s offer.As far as “teen pop” is concerned Avril seems to have a misconception about her REAL status in the music scene.Well Miss hear it:your just a fickle,Unknown item,NEVER to attain BSB’s fame and fortune.

  7. BeckyBSBFan says:

    Avril is on such a bigger level than Nick? Nick needs Avril to boost his record sales? … Excuse me while I laugh … LMAO.

    Oh my, that is such crap and the people who stated those opinions know it.

    How is Avril possibly bigger than Backstreet Boys? Half the people I know don’t even know who the hell she is! She’s had one hit so far and it’ll probably be her last! She says she doesn’t want to be placed in the ‘teen pop’ category, well guess what? That’s exactly the category she’s in. What does she think her fan base is made of? People over the age of 20? Please. Most everyone I know who likes her has barely hit puberty.

    And I highly doubt Nick needs Avril to boost his sales. We’ll see how much he sales when his album comes out … without Avril. Backstreet Boys sell well over a million the first week a new album comes out and I’m sure Nick’s will be around there. How much did Avril sell the first week … ?

    If he wanted (or needed) someone to help boost his sales, he’d get someone other than Avril. She just made a bad career move. If she had agreed to with Nick, HER fanbase would have expanded indefinitely.

    We’ll see who’s still around in five years ….

  8. queeneliz2012 says:

    look who’s joining backstreet boys tour now!! LOL..she turned down nick way back then…and now she’s going to tour with them..i mean im glad to hear that she is supporting the guys but she’s very pathetic to say all these stuff about nick way back then.. she really needs to keep her feet on the ground..lol

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