Avril Lavigne’s Eating Healthier On Tour This Time

tells Us Weekly she’s changed her diet for the better on her Bonez Tour 2004. “On my last tour, I didn’t eat very well,” the singer admitted. “This time, I’m trying to eat healthier so that I feel better. I’m vegan 99 percent of the time, except when I get In-N-Out Burger cravings.”


November 13, 2004 – Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune was on hand for Avril’s concert on Thursday (November 11) at the United Center. Kot writes, “Her songs pack easy-on-the-ears choruses, and she sold them with enthusiasm as she shifted among guitar, piano and even drums. Lavigne is merely competent on these instruments and her catchy songs never lead anywhere surprising, but her voice and sincerity can’t be denied.”

The Difference Between ‘Let Go’ And ‘Under My Skin’

November 13, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: YM featured on their magazine and she told them how her two CD’s have changed. “I was in way more control of the second album,” she revealed. “I wanted ‘Under My Skin’ to have an edgier sound and be less pop than ‘Let Go’. So when I came to write it, I said ‘I don’t want anyone from the label asking about the album or to hear songs. I won’t give anyone songs until I’m ready. This time I’m going to do my CD by myself.’ So I worked with my friends on the lyrics, picked the producers, and decided which tracks would go on the record. I even chose the album artwork. I picked out a bunch of pictures and told the art department at the record label that I wanted them to look distorted I know what I want. I never get told to do anything.”

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One thought on “Avril Lavigne’s Eating Healthier On Tour This Time

  1. secretball555 says:

    Avril you dumb idiot, a vegan eating nothing that came from an animal. Meat, dairy etc. You say you’re a vegan, then say your favorite foods are pizza and cheese. Not to mention, real vegetarians (me being one myself) NEVER eat meat. They don’t say “well I will have some meat now and then but mostly not”…if youre on some kind of a diet that requires less meat that’s one thing…but a vegan never eats any meat or dairy products, or eggs for that matter. You are so dumb wise one.

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