Avril Lavigne’s Fake Guitar Playing

Contributed by secretball555:

I am so angry that people actually think Avril plays guitar. I was watching this special with Avril on it, a Nickelodeon special made a few years ago when she was either 17 or 18… and for 2 songs she held a guitar. One of them was called “naked”. The camera closed up on her from a side view and her fingers were ABOVE the strings! She was pretending to strum! She wasn’t holding a pick either she was fake strumming with all four of her fingers. That’s not even how you play guitar. But I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I always knew she couldn’t really play guitar, is a liar and has no talent. But I never thought she would so blatantly pretend to play. If anybody has captions from that show I would love for you to post them. The side views show her not even touching the strings. See it for your own eyes. I am mostly upset about this because there were children actually looking up to her, thinking she could play. And then to see her not really playing is as bad as Milli Vanilli not really singing on their records. As for those who are in denial. Watch the special, go look at photos. I am telling the god honest truth. She was literally playing above the strings so from the audience it looked like she was and from the side you could see she wasn’t. Find out for yourselves.

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7 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne’s Fake Guitar Playing

  1. AGUILERAFAN says:

    Don’t get why she bothers, very 1 knows she faker than Britney’s singing, but at least Britney admits she doesn’t sing, Avril just pretends she can play guitar and is a skater n denies she cant/isn’t. she’s just fake.

  2. howsoonisnow says:

    This doesn’t surprise me in the least. Also check on her electric guitar “performances”….she’s not even plugged into an amp like her other 2 guitarists and bass player are. I’m not sure why she insists on the masquerade. She’s a fake.

  3. flowergirl223 says:

    I absolutely know what you are talking about. I saw that too, her fingers were not on the strings. And something else I found funny was that she was strumming in the WRONG section of the guitar! lol. She was fake strumming all the way on the of the neck on the guitar, when you are supposed to strum in the middle section. I also have seen as well her guitar unplugged while her bands guitars oddly enough, are always plugged in. People if you watch that Nickelodeon special you will see it. Their are I’m sure many other times but that is the only one I am thinking of at the moment. She still cannot play at all, but she is trying to learn… a beginner you could say. Even so, she still has been lying about it for years now. She is just know starting to learn to play and she has been saying that she played ever since she first came out. And all these Avril fans are like “see she CAN play” now like idiots. Not even noticing that she was in the studio for 6 months trying to learn to play to make up for the lies of knowing how to play before when she really didn’t. Kids will believe ANYTHING she says.

    No actually I have seen Britney play piano and she isn’t that bad. And Madonna plays guitar pretty good too, both pros compared to Avril. But the difference is, Britney never went around priding herself on being a great piano player. Avril on the other hand, always insisted she played guitar. And that she isn’t like any other pop act because she can play guitar on stage and rather than dance. And she has been saying that ever since she came out into the music scene. Only to see her fake playing, having her guitar not plugged in, or her amp all the way down so you never hear her play. She didn’t have to lie about it, just like she does with her songwriting. All she had to do was say “no I cannot play guitar but I would like to learn”. And then this time around she could play a bit because she is attempting to play(attempting being the key word) since she most likely tried to learn very recently…to make herself look like she wasn’t lying before. But no. She came out saying she knew how to play, she plays it live, and taught herself when she was just 12. And she gets credit for that when it was a lie, just like her writing. Is their anything she is credible for?

  4. ash6969 says:

    more jealous h8ers. platinum in 1 week in japan! the same thing is happening here! Avril’s streams her music for free because she has talent! she doesn’t try to trick people into buying the CD by having only 1 good song.

  5. howsoonisnow says:

    Japan has a much lower standard for platinum than the US…..only 200,000….it’s one million here. Besides virtually EVERY female pop artist does well in Japan. Stacie Orrico went multiplatinum and held the #1 spot for 2 months in 2003. Avril’s reviews on her new CD aren’t good. She’ll sell fewer this time around and then completely crash on her 3rd CD. Do you seriously expect to be listening to this girl when you are in your 20’s?

  6. flowergirl223 says:

    Everybody knows Britney lipsychs but she did admit to singing to back up vocals and she does do that half the time. I dislike Britney’s music as well. Even when Brit says she doesn’t lipsync everyone knows that she does. This is why everybody calls her fake and publicly makes fun of her lipsyncing. But people actually believe that Avril does play and she got no heat publicly for lying about it. Britney made headlines and was made fun of for it, and Avril is praised by some people because she pretends to play guitar? Avril is always saying “I am different than whats out there because I don’t dance around with my back up dancers I play guitar.” She is trying to separate herself from Britney only to prove that she is more like Britney than anybody else. She lies about tons of things constantly, she fake plays the guitar, and her image is fake as hell. So if Britney and Avril are basically the same person minus fake boobies and tub tops(although Avril has been dressing more “sexy” lately)

  7. asdfghjk says:

    Wow, you’re kind of a hopeless loser bitch aren’t you?
    Don’t comment on other people who are actually SUCCESSFUL when you yourself probably don’t know jack sh** about music.

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