Avril Lavigne’s Grandfather Reportedly Passes Away

Contributed anonymously: From www.alavigne.com, a fan wrote:
“I was at Avril’s concert in Dublin last night. It was brilliant but when Avril came back on stage for the encore she started crying. She then told us that her grandfather had just died and she just totally broke down. Evan and Matt were hugging her to comfort her. She then sang ‘Tomorrow’ and was very
upset. This must be so hard for her as it is, and on top of that she’s in the middle of her world tour.”

Avril Looking For A Bad Ass Boyfriend

March 24, 2003 – The Sunday Mail reports that took a break from singing to learn the winter sport from Scotland’s Olympic champion Rhona Martin. The singer admits she’s still in search for a boyfriend. “At the moment there isn’t anybody,” she said. “But I like real bad asses. Yeah, they’ve got to be sensitive but they’ve got to be little punks, too. I’m looking for my very own little rocker.”

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