Avril Lavigne’s Shocking Hair Plans

was on the cover of the Sunday newspaper supplement Parade. As usual, the singer appeared bored was yawning upon arrival the day after her 18th birthday bash. She explained to James Brady, “I’m very tired. Last night, after the party, I went for a long walk and got to bed at 3:30.” He asked Avril if she plans on going blonde one day, prompting the Canadian singer to reply, “Maybe one day I’ll chop it and dye it jet black.”

On Canada AM

February 13, 2003 – CTV’s Canada AM caught up with Avril this morning. Avril spoke about being happy that her songwriting is being recognized with all the awards and nominations coming in, what drew her into songwriting, her security scare in South Korea, difficulty being able to meet people because she’s sheltered, and how she freaks out when she gets home, especially when her mom keeps the magazines that she’s appeared in. Avril cautioned that she doesn’t want to overexpose herself, and will step away in a bit to take a break. Video has since been removed.

People Can Relate To Avril Lavigne’s Songs

February 12, 2003 – The honesty and the casualness of Avril’s appearance has helped endear her to so many young fans, as she explained to reporters in Tokyo recently. “I just write about what I go through,” the Daily Yomiuri reports the Canadian singer saying. “You know, typical stuff that a teenager goes through. People can relate to it because I’m not the only person who goes through those things, who breaks up with a guy or who gets pissed off at someone.” will perform May 29, 7 p.m. at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo — the first time a foreign artist has performed at the venue after releasing only one album. Her album ‘Let Go’ has sold 1 million copies in Japan and 10 million worldwide.

Dark Side Of Fame Emerges For Avril Lavigne

February 9, 2003 – The Calgary Sun has more info on the recent Avril auctions — love letters that were pulled after a complaint they infringed on the singer’s intellectual property rights’, and rocks from her home town of Napanee, which were purchased by a VH1.com producer. A person who identified himself as her ex-boyfriend in e-mails said of the love letters, “I was hoping that these letters wouldn’t get too much publicity. Avril might not like the fact that I am sharing our love letters with an entire nation.”

Avril Lavigne Is No Fan Of The Music Press

February 7, 2003 – Avril tells Radio 1 she’s frustrated with the press written about her, especially the “skater punk” label. “I sit and have my interview and tell them how it really is, and they write their story and about three-quarters of the time they write it incorrectly and actually put words in your mouth and twist things around… make it sound like you said something you didn’t,” Avril explained. “That’s why I don’t really follow up on everything that’s out there with me. I just pretty much don’t read press on myself.”

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