Avril Outgrows Abstinence Phase Portrayed In ‘Don’t Tell Me’

Rebecca Winters of Time magazine caught up with for a Q&A and asked the singer about her latest single ‘Don’t Tell Me’, and if the sexual abstinence message it conveys is something she believes in. “I wrote that when I was 17, and I was going through the phase in high school where every guy has ulterior motives,” she said. “I don’t think I would have written it now. I thought it was a good message, for girls to be strong.”

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6 thoughts on “Avril Outgrows Abstinence Phase Portrayed In ‘Don’t Tell Me’

  1. nanda_lo says:

    Well… okay. But I don’t really think listening to “get outta my head, get outta my bed” made me any STRONGER! :D whatever… I like the song. it’s cute. Rock on Av…! Still waiting for you to come to Brazil!

  2. howsoonisnow says:

    High school phase??? This moron dropped out of high school doesn’t she remember? Great, so now she sleeps around….the less I know about Avril’s sex life the better. She should shut up.

  3. nanda_lo says:

    It’s amazing how you know to waste your time… GET A LIFE. You know that I know who you are because there’s just ONE PERSON is this world stupid enough to do something like this. But HEY… JEALOUSY IS SHINING HERE UH?

  4. faithnomore says:

    THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. She said she wrote that song with her guitar player Evan or someone AFTER the first album.. Which is it Avril? God, what a lying idiot.

  5. Meggz75 says:

    I see her message in that song and that is what I like about it. I had no artist saying that in a song when I was 17. Kudos to Avril! That song reminds me of my high school days…all guys wanted was to get in your pants….funny thing is, they really haven’t changed

  6. texassoftballchick says:

    First of all, Avril is a stupid high school dropout. Second, Avril was sleeping around long before she made her first album. I doubt Avril started slutting around in junior high like Britney did, but I am sure she was close.

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