B In The Bin

Everyone knows I’m a fan of and I have all of her CDs. Well, yesterday I picked up her new remix CD titled B In The Mix from Best Buy and got a price match from Circuit City for $8.99. I thought I was getting a great deal until I actually listened to the CD. This CD is terrible. I don’t know why Jive released it or why they let her release it or why she let them release it – whichever way it worked, it was a big mistake.

The songs are all club mixes, which serve no purpose for when you’re at home listening to music up in your room (which is where most Britney fans are). They should have taken a cue from J-Lo and attempted to create all new songs with just the same title. Those types of remixes are usually well received lately, but alas, someone in the Britney/Jive camp isn’t too bright. Most of the remixes sound as though a great deal of effort was put into them to make them the worst sounding remixes of all time.

What makes the original songs good are completely stripped of originality and are given the repetitive club sound. How 1990s! It doesn’t work this way anymore. So if any of you were interested in picking up the new album, just wait a month or so and it should be in the cheap bin for $3.99 and up. Also, if you can, download “And Then We Kiss,” which is, by far, one of Britney’s best songs in recent years. It’s such a shame that it was released amidst a sea of the terrible junk on this album.

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