Backstabbing At ‘American Idol’ Fierce

The Globe reports fighting was bitter on ‘American Idol’, including the two co-hosts going at each other as well as the show’s 10 finalists. Nikki McKibbon seemed to draw the most fire from her fellow contestants, most notably from Ryan Starr. While Nikki was envious of Ryan’s hot and toned body, Ryan was jealous of Nikki’s self confidence. An insider said, “They bickered and hurled insults at each other constantly. One day, they almost got into a fistfight and production assistants had to step in and pull them apart!”

Nikki’s stunt later in the contest though had her fellow finalists fuming. “You should have heard the groans from the other singers when she had her little boy run to the stage and hug her,” a source revealed. “It was the most shameless, outrageous vote grabbing. Simon threw daggers. Kelly sarcastically said, ‘How sweet’ and rolled her eyes. But it worked for Nikki.”

The fighting didn’t stop there, as Tamyra Gray and Christina Christian also had their claws out. “When Christina got bumped, she threw her support behind Kelly,” said an insider. “She wanted the wheels to fall off Tamyra’s wagon and she eventually got her wish.” Tamyra didn’t make friends with her fellow contestants with her condescending attitude. “She believed that she had the most talent,” said the source.

Saddam Gets Tortured With ‘American Idol’

10, 2002 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday, “According to his mistress, she says in this ABC story that Saddam Hussein enjoys watching tapes of people being tortured. So apparently they get ‘American Idol’ over there, too.”

Simon Going To Only Sign Kelly, Justin & Tamyra

10, 2002 – ‘American Idol’ judge and RCA exec Simon Cowell frankly revealed who he’s signing to Extra TV. “I am going to sign Kelly, Justin, and Tamyra to RCA Records,” he said. “It’s very tempting to get involved with more, but there are only so many great songs floating around at the moment.” Video has since been removed.

Extra TV Pampers Tamyra Gray & Her Mom

September 9, 2002 – Extra TV pampered ‘American Idol’ finalist Tamyra Gray with a trip to Oasis Spa in New York City with her mother Rita. Tamyra says, “What better way in between schedules and in between interviews, come to the spa, relax, regroup and get back to work.” Video has since been removed.

AJ Gil Breaks Up With Girlfriend And Fields Record Deals

September 8, 2002 – ‘American Idol’ loser AJ Gil tells Us Weekly he just broke up with his girlfriend. “We’re taking a break… Things are just kind of crazy with us. We’re not fighting or anything – it’s just all of this [the show].” As for what that show might do for his career, AJ’s half-sister says that BMG, MCA, and Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs have contacted him.

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