Backstreet Boy Charity Cook Book

Contributed by BSBfanatic935:

Kevin Richardson’s Just Within Reach is pleased to announce a fundraiser being hosted by an independent JWR support group called A Lasting World. ALW is producing ‘Great Tastes Just Within Reach Vol. II’, a cookbook with recipes from all over the globe! Cooks and JWR supporters from as far away as Japan and Iran, and from as near as your own backyard, have added their favorite dishes to the list of almost 300 recipes! A special ‘Down Home Kentucky Grub’ section will treat you to samples of Bluegrass cooking from the star, his family and his friends. Kevin himself provided the book’s foreword and ALL proceeds from this fundraiser (minus publication expenses) will go DIRECTLY to JWR for the continuation of its environmental programs. Reserve your copy beginning January 15. Go to for details. This is a limited edition, so don’t miss out. Get cookin’ for JWR.

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