Backstreet Boy Howie D. Updates Fans On The New Album

Contributed by elghato:

On December 21st, 2004 the Dorough Lupus Foundation hosted a “Christmas Evening with Howie in NYC.” Backstreet Boy chatted with fans at his recent charity event and filled them in on the group’s plans for the new year. Millie858 from the Backstreet Boys forum at was in attendance that night. She says Howie asked a lot of them for their input in regards to the new album. She told them to make the first single a fast song, don’t release Poster Girl as a single, tour small arenas and not big stadiums, and do lots of promo. Howie then updated her and her friends on what’s going on with the group. He played clips of new songs from the album called Moving On, I Still, Beautiful Woman, and Siberia (which is about a broken heart). He also said they will release the first single at the end of January, put the album out in March, and tour in the summer. Also in January, they’ll do a big photo shoot, so expect lots of new pictures.

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