Backstreet Boy Wedding Postponed, Not Cancelled

posted a new message on her official Yahoo group saying her wedding to star has been postponed, not cancelled. “I will keep this brief and to the point, k? Alex and I have not
CANCELLED the Wedding,” she said. “We are POSTPONING our Wedding because we need
more time!” She added, “We are taking a little extra time to grow together. We want to make this right, thats all. We are very much in love and we feel that there is no need to rush through this. Its the best thing ever, actually. We are both very proud of each other for taking marriage so seiously. Its not like having a barbecue, its a lifelong committment that we feel needs to be nurtured. So please don’t worry. We are happy and healthy and sober. And thats is whats important to us. I will keep you all abreast when the new date is set.”

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