Backstreet Boys Album Information From Wade

A fan tells fan site that she spoke with Wade Robson recently. Jessica wrote, “Hey everyone! I just got back from Wade Robson’s master class and he told me that the songs he’s penning with from BSB is going real well, and he’s hoping that at least one of them will be good enough for BSB’S new album. I really hope so to, and I asked him if he’ll possibly choreograph any dances for them and he said that they are in talks with each other right know, so hopefully it will all work out good, plus Wade can make the guys look even hotter than you can imagine, Wade has the moves, let me tell you. So everything is going great with Backstreet’s new album due out in the middle of November and they are doing some collaborations as well with Bono and and others. I think this well be the best Backstreet album ever and their tour will be off the hook.”

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