Backstreet Boys, Britney, Justin Talk AMA/Grammy War

Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts talked with about the controversy going on with and his appearances on the American Music Awards and it’s effect on a Grammy Award appearance. Kevin said, “I think it’s unfortunate. It’s frustrating as an artist. We’ve been faced with that controversy as well.”

Justin said, “We let the people who are political play the political game, and we just do what we do.” When Tony asked Britney Spears, she said, “I think it is kind of cool that they separate the two so like that, you know. If you perform on one, you shouldn’t perform on the other, because they’re both amazing, and the audience wants to be surprised on each one.” This prompted her *NSYNC date Timberlake to say, “Another perspective… And that’s the way we see it.”

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