Backstreet Boys Can Sing

Tonya Paul of the Mercury-Register was on hand for the Backstreet Boys’ concert at Sleep Train Amphitheater on Wednesday night. After revealing how AJ McLean injured his right leg (a fan at their show in Las Vegas had thrown a light stick on stage and he slipped on it), Paul writes, “The encore was great with ‘Incomplete’ and ‘Backstreets Back’. The evening was powerful with a overwhelming response from the fans. The have come a long way and continue to grow with their wonderful talent.”

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5 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Can Sing

  1. galleta says:

    Semonile County the first opening act is really good. But the Boys were great. Why is it that more BSB fans aren’t pissed that the boys aren’t getting radio air time in America. In Los Angeles kiisfm the largest station is just flat our refusing to play them. No matter how many request they are getting , and they are getting request even though they will not play the Boys. I don’t get American fans especially L.A. FANS. Are we that laid back that we are just allowing ourselves to be ignored? COME ON L.A. FANS where are you all. I know you are out there the L.A. concert was packed. So its obvious the Boys have thousands of L.A. FANS why aren’t you all pissed and calling and emailing kiisfm. If you are interested email jojo at and demand they start playing the boys.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    “Looking Back”….do they mean “Shape of My Heart?” Anywho…glad to see a good review….some people just don’t WANT to accept the Boys are back and are back in a big way!! Oh well…their loss!

  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Well, on the 15th, they could head out to the studio and let their voices be heard…’, ‘It’s not just a TRL/MTV protest…. Everyone I have talked to wants to do SOMETHING even if they can’t make it to NY….L.A. fans and those in the surrounding areas could head out to the KISS FM studio and have a deal there.

  4. Smile says:

    The new single is rising on Billboard. So there are stations playing it. L.A…’, ‘I guess isn’t one of them. I know there have been alot of fans talking about that station but they don’t seem to be listening. If the song continues to increase on the charts, maybe they eventually will. I know there’s a station in Washington D.C. that is ignoring requests as well. I called in and they laughed and said “whatever.” There’s obviously thousands of people in each city that like them because they are selling out concerts, but nobody can make radio play it.

  5. galleta says:

    it’s unlikely L.A. fans will protest they are too image conscious to publicly’, ‘protest here, but they would call in if they knew what was going on. That’s why I say this over and over.

    The Boys have broken all kind of records, they have been the first group labeled “boy’, ‘band” to make a successful comeback, their videos are always innovative, they have sold more cd’s than any other group of their kind world wide, and yet the industry still wants to rag on them….lol. Its amazing against all these odds these men are still going strong. PPL need to get use to the fact that they are back and if they choose to stay they will always have a fan base.

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