Backstreet Boys’ Charities, Where Does Your Money Go?

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With all the Backstreet Boy fundraisers always going around I thought I would look up and see exactly where these charities and foundations actually spent the money all their fans work so hard to collect for them. I found a website,, that actually has the 990 forms for public viewing. I looked up each of the charities for the and what I found made me sit back and go hmmm. Well here is just a few of the highlights. Though a lot of expenses went to travel and phone which raised my eyebrow on a few of these charities. Some also did not have included exactly how much they paid their family members and friends that work for these charities but, the expense totals gives you a hint. Plus I found this one, HOWARD D DOROUGH SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION which says it is to support medical research to cure lupus but according to Government form 990, which is the actual tax form non profit charities and foundations and is for public use of whom you should be donating your money to, shows in 2002 the revenue from direct public support was $530,800 it spent $15,000 of that for public services and $515,500 to management and general expenses. It goes on to say that $500,000 is for some life insurance premium but does not state for whom. The Dorough Lupus Foundation which is set up to do the same is for good reading the years they actually filled out the form. The Just Within Reach (JWR) had a good year in 2001 where it paid out over$120,000 to it’s 2 directors. Johnny No Name (JNN) Foundation paid out over $58,000 to it’s treasurer in 2003. Brian Littrell’s Healthy Heart Club for Kids’ revenue for 2003 was $32,798 and it paid out over$35,000 in salaries… and it also gave a $2500 grant to the Children’s medical network. And the program services paid out $1588. Now maybe I am looking at this the wrong way, but to me something is just not right here.

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