Backstreet Boys’ Disappointing Album Sales

The Backstreet Boys, who’ve returned to pop’s forefront following a five-year break, slip four spots on this most recent sales chart to #7, having opened the previous week at #3 with their new one, ‘Never Gone’; the album suffered a 73 percent sales plummet, finishing out week two with less than 79,000 scans. Coldplay’s ‘X&Y’ topped the charts for the third week. Read more.

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10 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys’ Disappointing Album Sales

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    coldplay is just way better, and they play instruments

  2. ihatehilary says:

    lol LMAO!
    this is where i would say “told all you bsb fans so”, but what’s the point?

  3. galleta says:

    Ummm…..I don’t think BSB are disappointed, they seemed to be happy. It’s the critics that seem to be disappointed with the new cd sales…lol. It’s just in America that the fellas aren’t being accepted with open arms.

    Just out of curiosity why is playing an instrument such a big deal, many artist don’t’, ‘play instruments on thier cd’s. I’m just curious why this is always a point that ppl try to make when talking about BSB.

  4. BSBFanatic1 says:

    FYI: Some of the guys DO play instruments. But wait a minute, you wouldn’t know that since you’ve never been to a show. But besides, Kevin has just started playing piano on TV. I guess you’ve missed all their appearances because every time they performed “Incomplete” on TV, Kevin played piano. Kevin’s been playing piano since he was 9 years old and Nick has been playing guitar for the past few years. Brian’s also played guitar in the past.

    Actually, it’s a known fact that second week sales always fall. Besides, not a lot of people were going out to buy music this week for some reason. If you notice, Coldplay got the #1 spot with 186,000 whereas last week, BSB got the #3 spot with 293,000…big difference there sista.

    I agree! The BSB had no expectations whatsoever and I think they’re doing great. They don’t listen to critics…they didn’t make this album for them, they made it for us: the fans! I think they’re doing quite well in the US though despite what everyone may think. Second week sales ALWAYS fall, no matter who the artist. It’s just a known fact. I think they’ll pick up once their second single is released on July 19.

  5. itsmybigmouth says:

    its hard for people to accept things again, especially when people follow “music trends” reason I did not buy the album yet. well at this point in my life i’m a poor college student, loans just ran out so I really don’t have any cash……funny how things change

  6. EdwardAlex says:

    i just think that bands are naturally more talented when the are able to play’, ‘instruments. Its hard enough to sing, but through in a guitar, drums, or bass… now that is remarkable.

    don’t think i don’t like boy bands… Duran Duran is amazing, but they play instruments

  7. galleta says:

    wait a minute that’s it…. just because its hard….a two year old can play a piano’, ‘and sing…. no what I want to know is why do ppl think that makes a singer more valid.

  8. Smile says:

    They have one single out on radio and it’s a power ballod. Once they release their new uptempo song on radio this month in the United States, the album sales with go up. Alot of people wait to hear singles and see music videos before they buy the album.

    But with that said, even though it’s a 73% decrease in sales, they should reach Gold before the new single is even released and the tour starts.

    The Backstreet Boys play instruments. They just also…’, ‘dance. Which for some reason makes people assume they aren’t talented. I don’t get that because dancing in itself takes talent and hard work. They have the vocals to back it up so I don’t get the problem.

  9. galleta says:

    pls don’t think I am attacking you for your opinion I was just curious cause several’, ‘ppl bring up the fact that the guys don’t play instruments on their cd.

  10. babyduckgf says:

    They are talented and this is music… It’s just awesome how I always find posts like this dissing the Boys from specific popdirt members. What can I think about?

    Anyway, no matter this drop on USA, they’re perfectly doing okay in México so… let’s wait for the second single and video and look what’s going on.

    By the way… there’s a local joke about Coldplay saying: How’s this new Coldplay album? ‘So and so, just an x-y’ because to say the truth is not that good as last one. Just my opinion.

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