Backstreet Boys Fan Calls Timberlake ‘Di**head’ At Golf Tourney

Another fan of the and apparently a fan no longer of *NSYNC’s Justin blasted Timberlake revealing, “After we watched AJ do his thing we decided to go chase Justin Timberlake down and he pissed me off so bad that I called him a di**head to his face. Justin turned around and just glared at me. I gave him a stupid look right back and said ‘Yeah, that’s right. I called you a di**head!”

“Get this, when they exit the green most of the celebrities are really cool and sign autographs and talk to the fans. Well Justin just walks by everybody and acts like they don’t even exist. I held out my booklet for him to sign and asked nicely and he looked straight at me and blatantly blew me off.

Now what really got me was the little boy is was holding a cover for ‘No Strings Attached’ and Justin pushed his hand out of the way as he walked past. That ate my lunch. As far as I’m concerned that little boy bought that crappy ass CD and helped to pay for his cars, and houses, and girlfriend’s breasts so the least he can do is sign the damn thing.”

She later expanded on the little boy incident saying, “when Justin was coming through people were holding their booklets out for Justin to sign and a little boy was holding out a ‘No Strings Attached’ CD cover for Justin to sign. Well, Justin made his way down the aisle ignoring everybody which to me is somewhat acceptable seeing as he might have just been trying to enjoy a kick back day of golf however, the little boy who was about 6 or 7 that was holding the CD cover started crying when Justin was coming near him and held his CD cover out begging Justin to sign it. Not only did Justin not sign the CD cover, but he physically pushed this child’s hand out of his way. And walked past the boy as if he hadn’t even acknowledged the child’s existence. This little boy was so upset that is ran over to his Mommy crying and to me, that sucks.”

Backstreet Boy Fanatic Meets AJ & Justin At Golf Tourney

January 19, 2002 – A fan of the and apparently a huge fan of AJ McLean posted the details of her meeting with the singer at the Bob Chrysler Classic on Friday. BSBgirl11984 said AJ “better stick to singing. Golfing isn’t his strong point. The poor boy hit more trees then a monkey swings on in a lifetime.” She added, “I still am so glad that I got to meet AJ, and truly stare at him for about seven hours straight. And he was standing right next to us… and he talked to us.”

As for *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake, she said, “well, let’s just say no comment. I don’t want to get in trouble by posting anything here,” later adding, “Yeah, I’m not an Nsync fan… but I was completely willing to give him a chance. Now I know what kind of a person he really is though. It’s all good though. I didn’t have high expectations for him or anything.”

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