Backstreet Boys’ Fans Flock Back

Leslie Gray Streeter of the Palm Beach Post was on hand at the Sound Advice Ampitheatre for the kickoff of the Backstreet Boys’ tour on Friday (July 22), chatting with fans eager to watch the once-premier boy band begin its comeback tour. Streeter writes, “Who is attending a show in 2005? And the answer is: The same girls who were at the Backstreet Boys show in 1998. Even though their tastes have grown to include the harder sounds of Green Day and All-American Rejects, BSB still occupies a place in their hearts, and their CD collections.”

The story at has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys’ Fans Flock Back

  1. RobScott says:

    That’s because since 1998 and 2005 probably only one or two BSB fans had dates. It’s time to move on ladies.

  2. galleta says:

    ^ Why is it time to move on? Elvis fans moved on and still love him to this day and he’s dead….lol…, Rollingstones fans have not moved on and forgotten them, Beatles fans still love them and they don’t exist anymore, Mariah fans haven;t moved on, even your beloved Britney still has a few hard core fans left. Bsb fans like the guys for thier talent. Sure there were fans that were in love with them for thier looks, those fans have moved on. The fans that are still supporting the fellas are the fans that aren’t just following a trend but who truely enjoy and enjoyed thier sound. The artist I like I tend to always like. Elton JohN, Aerosmith, Celine DIon, Whitney and Mariah,, Yanni, Bjork, etc…I liked those ppl when they were hugh and I still like them. BSB fans that are still buying thier cd’s and attending thier shows saw past the looks and the glitter and saw talent. Like I have always said these guys are the KINGS OF BALLADS I love ballads and I like BSB. Just because someone likes BSB doesn’t mean they are limited in thier taste to just BSB….LOL..BSB is just a great talented vocal group. Evey singer and every group has a period where they have to readjust and grow BSB is going through that, they still have plenty of fans world wide and if they choose to continue they will still have fans for as long as they perform. Every entertainer has had periods of high highs and lows just because BSB didn’t start out at the top of this time doesn’t mean they are done for….lol..give em a chance let them experiment and grow they will be just fine.


  3. CharlotteNCusa says:

    I HATE the BSB, however I have to compliment their TRUE fans for sticking with them. It reminds me of Michael Jackson’s fan when Invincible came out in 2001- the CD had little to NO promotion/airplay, however the TRUE fans still bought up 2 million copies in the USA. Regardless of who you like, if you are a true fan, you will stick with a group/artist. Same applies to sports fans, etc.

  4. mmh858 says:

    Yes it was, I was there too! It was amazing and it sold out fast too..’, ‘I don’t know what everyone it talking about the shows are packed I know there are a few lawn seats not sold at other venues but it’s no where near half empty. The hater are just trying to make crap up, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

  5. cutie8pie says:

    I have loved BSB since 1996. They will always have a place in my heart. I bought their new cd the first day it came out and listened to it about 13 times.They are truly talented and I can’t wait till I see the tour.

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