Backstreet Boys Fans Protest Outside Of ‘TRL’

Contributed Anonymously:

These days, no one really believes that the ‘TRL’ countdown is decided by the actual votes. It’s all politics. To protest this and show support for the Backstreet Boys, BSB fans decided to rally outside of ‘TRL’ studios in Times Square on 15, 2005. Those who went said nearly 200 people came out for the rally. The ‘TRL’ crew kicked out from the studio all the fans who were involved. The ‘TRL’ camermen were ordered not to let what was happening outside go on the air. So during the show on September 15, the crowd outside was pretty much never shown. It’s kind of like what they do in sports. If a fan runs onto the field during a baseball game, the cameras pan away from the person so he or she won’t get any facetime on the air. It’s a way of discouraging others from following suit and ensuring they get no fame out of it. However, someone from CBS’s ‘The Early Show’ [ note: both CBS and MTV are owned by Viacom] witnessed the whole thing and invited the protesters onto Friday’s show to tell their story. Check out high quality photos from the rally at the Backstreet Dirt Forums.

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