Backstreet Boys Hope Fans Are Still There

Prior to the release of ‘Never Gone’, the Backstreet Boys had few expectations about the album and its potential success. When bands take a break, they’re “out of sight and out of mind,” explained to the Flint Journal. “Our expectations on this album were, and our goals were, that we’re going to give 100 percent. We’re going to make the best record we can and trust and hope that we’ll have our fans there. People will still miss us and want to hear us. But again, you never really know.”

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4 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Hope Fans Are Still There

  1. galleta says:

    This is pretty old, ppl have missed them and we are glad that they are back.

  2. popfan_23 says:

    It’s never smart to take a break that long, you have to hit while it’s hot, and if you do take a break, you should continue doing little things, noty completely disappear

  3. ihatehilary says:

    at least the boys aren’t as delusional as their fans are. except maybe Nick is when he’s all drunk and fat.

  4. Smile says:

    True. But Kevin said they didn’t plan the break being so long…’, ‘but it ended up that way. They did do things during the break, but there wasn’t as much media attention on them compared to the group. As a group, they did disappear. I personally don’t feel they have to sell a million the first week again. As long as they are selling enough that they are happy with, then that’s all that matters.

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