Backstreet Boys Manager Helping Them Leave Jive

Contributed by elgato:

Brian’s KY Love at the Mature Fan Club says, “Ok, so I forgot I actually DO have a friend who is a friend of a celebrity. One of my best friends was the personal assistant to Stevie Nicks several years ago. Irving was her manager at the time, and she was in the middle of recording an album. Apparently, her record company began trying to get creative control over her music or something, and started hassling her on what she could and could not put on her album. Irving told her to just stop recording and wait til they fired her, which they did. She went to a new label and finished her album. Irving has also done this with The Eagles (told them not to record because the record company was giving them major problems) and it worked with them too. There have been others that have done the exact same thing under Irving’s direction, and each time, it works. Irving has earned the nickname “The Poison Dwarf” for a reason. He doesn’t play around when it comes to protecting his artists. I’m realllllly hoping that this is an Irving-plan to get Jive out of the picture. If the guys are doing the passive-aggressive thing to get out of their contract, I’d be happy. And it’s not like they can come out and SAY that’s what they’re doing, either. Let’s cross our fingers.”

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