Backstreet Boys Most Popular Boyband On The Internet

Searches for boybands on pay-per search engine bare surprising results as to the most searched for boyband. The Backstreet Boys outpaced *NSYNC in searches in August, as 203,624 searched for either Backstreet Boys, Backstreet, or BSB while 177,607 searched for all variants of *NSYNC (N Sync, N’Sync, etc.). Some groups no doubt were helped by their generic name (ie. Blue, Wave, and Five), while bottoming the list were groups such as Evan and Jaron, Vi3, Dakota Moon, and Northern Line. For a complete list of the most searched for boybands, read on.

Searches done in August 2002

Count Search Term

 203624  Backstreet Boys (plus Backstreet & BSB)

 177607  N Sync

 88392  Blue

 69970  Westlife

 68387  O-Town

 65712  Dream Street (plus Dreamstreet)

 62448  Wave

 44633  BBMak (plus BB Mak)

 25331  Hanson

 25109  Natural

 17141  a1

 16660  98 Degree


 8580  LFO

 8394  LMNT

 5752  2gether

 4451  Townsend

 2515  Smash

 1964  Evan and Jaron

 1090  vi3

 319  Dakota Moon

 136  Northern Line

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