Backstreet Boys’ ‘Never Gone’ Album Leaks 2 Months Early

The ’ new album ‘Never Gone’ has already leaked to the internet almost two months ahead of its scheduled release date on June 14th. No word if the early leak of the boy band’s comeback material will prompt Jive Records to bump the release date up. Read on for the posted 11 song tracklisting.

1. Climbing the Walls
2. Poster Girl
3. Beautiful Woman
4. Forces of Nature
5. Incomplete
6. The Unloved
7. Never Gone
8. Love Is
9. Over Her
10. Color My World
11. Memories

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One thought on “Backstreet Boys’ ‘Never Gone’ Album Leaks 2 Months Early

  1. GHEN says:

    i love you backstreet,,your album is great,,all of it,,i love you guys,,

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