Backstreet Boys On Mexican Radio For 8 Straight Hours

Contributed by elgato:

songs, interviews, duets, live performances, and more were broadcast over the air for 8 straight commercial-free hours on the popular Mexican radio station El 95.7 FM. The broadcast was streamed and, therefore, millions of fans around the world were able to listen along. Melissa at shared her experience saying, “The broadcast was AMAZING. I think it went for the whole day in Mexico, not sure. I think they were celebrating Nick coming back to Mexico. Anyway, they were playing all kinds of music from BSB. Album tracks, live, b-sides, unreleased songs, duets…even the song they did with the Sesame St. characters. They even played some live Johnny [No Name]. It was incredible. And NO commercials. NONE. So I guess it was privately funded. They took emails but were speaking mostly in Spanish. And phone calls. At one point I heard “AJ loco” lmfao. Every so often they would speak in English for the non-Spanish speaking audience. Ppl from America were emailing them, also. It made me think about how big BSB are in other countries, I felt kind of envious actually. Don’t get me wrong, I love america and I would never want to live anywhere else, but I was envious of the fandom in other countries. I wish we had that media support and more fans in the states. They even played the stuff they did with Sir Elton John, Shania, and Sting….it was amazing. I wish all the fans would have been tuned in. lol.”

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