Backstreet Boys On MySpace, YouTube & Twitter

Backstreet Boys wave in a video messageThe checked in on their YouTube channel while on tour in Brazil, talking about the online ways they’re communicating with fans online, including their MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and official web site at… the last one was a bit troublesome for to remember.

“You know who we are, we’re the Backstreet Boys,” Howie said, with Nick adding, “We’re just checking in on you guys, seeing how you’re doing. We’re in Brazil right now actually on tour. We have a new web site out too, it’s actually the old one. It’s getting revamped, so make sure you go to” That prompted Howie to correct him. “Nick, it’s actually”

The video at MySpace can be viewed below.

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One thought on “Backstreet Boys On MySpace, YouTube & Twitter

  1. Aninha says:

    Most exciting part of the show!
    At this time I was in tears, desperate because the show was ending. Screaming at you but were not, but I knew that my effort was in vain … I was next to you, and that night, I was the person most HAPPY WORLD!

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