Backstreet Boys Record 18 Songs So Far For New Album

Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys in the studio

The posted photos from the studio, where the boy band are working on a follow-up to their 2007 release ‘Unbreakable’. The guys write on their Twitter account (@backstreetboys):

@sofdlovesbsb There are about 18 songs recorded so far….

Wyclef is in the studio hanging with us + Jim Jonsin. He’s loving our new track. I think if Wyclef likes it we are good. Don’t you think?

Nick Carter in the studio

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5 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Record 18 Songs So Far For New Album

  1. sandeep singh (sandy) says:

    hello Backstreet Boys. I’m a great fan of you. I love you so much.But now the thing is that I want to tell you that your music is totally changed. Its true. your music was passion for me. Your music was my fire. But most of the tracks are consist of 4-5 instrument music. Your music is now rock kinda. Seriously I didn’t like it. I love your album “Never Gone” but the music in all tracks was same. All the songs were seemed to be same.”Unbreakable” was good but again music was same. I want songs as you released before. black & blue, Millennium, Backstreet’s back, Backstreet Boys were awesome. But now you have changed.

  2. sandeep singh (sandy) says:

    I listen your leaked songs. first of all I want to say that privacy should be prevent. Those songs were not so good . Shattered is good . I liked it. But another songs I don’t. but I will buy your album when it will be released. still I love you.

  3. leena says:

    hi BSB I listen to your songs they all are damn good I love you … I also listen your new tracks keep going guys ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you are amazing

  4. me and my nick no one can beat us says:

    your picture is very cool

  5. micky carter says:

    Are you guys coming to Dubai this December????? well please come!!!!!!!! You guys are the best and I love you Nick……….kisses!!!

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