Backstreet Boys Should Have Never Come Back

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Adam Graham from The Detroit News reviewed ’ new album “Never Gone” giving it a D grade. Graham writes: “Whenever fading pop stars grossly overcompensate in their album titles – think the Spice Girls’ ‘Forever,’ or Michael Jackson’s ‘Invincible’ – you know trouble lies ahead. Sporting a neutered rock sound that makes Matchbox Twenty sound comparatively edgy, the attempt an ill-fated comeback, showing time has not only passed them by, but has left them looking immensely stupid. Save for one co-writing credit, the Boys didn’t write any songs or play any instruments on the album. On par with albums from ‘American Idol’ also-rans, ‘Never Gone’ is proof the should have never come back.”

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2 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Should Have Never Come Back

  1. Angela Kirk says:

    How DARE you say such nasty things about the Backstreet Boy!!! They are the best band ever on this planet PAL! As for them looking immensely stupid, I think you are the one that is stupid. They have more creativity than any of the trash that’s in the charts these day. So what if they haven’t wrote much on this album or played any instruments. At least they CAN write their own stuff and play instrument, imbecile!!!!!

  2. april says:

    Why are they the only band still standing if they are so bad huh NSYNC O-Town and 98 Degrees ring a bell

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